What is ACW and its benefits? Why Sprinklr ACW?


After Call Work (also known as post-call processing) is the work a call center agent puts in after they complete a customer conversation. This work may include communicating a summary of the call and scheduling callbacks, among other things.

How does ACW improve contact center performance 

  1. Agent Performance - A well-designed ACW and process workflow play a crucial role in enhancing agent performance. By closely monitoring the quality and timeliness of ACWs filled, supervisors can promptly identify any mistakes made by agents and provide real-time feedback for immediate correction. This feedback loop benefits both the agent and supervisor, enabling continuous improvement and fostering a more efficient and effective working environment.

  2. Agent Productivity - ACW significantly contributes to boosting agent productivity by involving the task of capturing and summarizing essential aspects of customer interactions and updating this information in CRM systems or tools. This process empowers agents with a comprehensive understanding of customer challenges, enabling them to identify new queries promptly. Consequently, it facilitates faster resolution of customer queries and streamlines the overall resolution process, resulting in improved Average Handling Time and enhanced efficiency in customer service delivery. 

  3. Schedule callback - ACW can be used to schedule a callback for the customers, which further increases customer trust. 

  4. Communicate using digital channels - ACW gives us the ability to send email/sms/whatsapp to the customer on the go, which helps to increase the customer satisfaction. 

  5. Tracking Nature Of Call - This high-level use case is facilitated through comprehensive ACW reporting, encompassing the capture of call-level information, call summaries, and updates to customer interactions in the CRM system. Stakeholders in businesses heavily rely on these reports for extensive analysis of call types, enabling them to identify and resolve underlying issues in their products and operational workflows. Furthermore, these reports help identify trends and patterns in calls, empowering businesses to proactively anticipate any potential damage or loss that may arise from sudden shifts in call types.

  6. Handling escalated calls - An escalated call, by transferring it to a customer service representative with higher authority, expertise, or decision-making ability, plays a crucial role in improving contact center performance. It ensures that the customer's issue receives specialized attention and access to resources that are specifically equipped to handle complex or challenging situations. By offering an elevated level of support and assistance, call escalation enhances customer satisfaction, promotes efficient issue resolution, and contributes to the overall effectiveness and success of the contact center. 

Sprinklr ACW highlights - 

  • With an easy-to-use ACW UI, agents can efficiently handle post-call tasks. 

  • Drag and Drop flow builder - Sprinklr ACW provides a user-friendly UI and drag-and-drop flow builder, enabling contact center teams to effortlessly design and customize ACW flows. This intuitive configuration process allows business users to quickly create and modify ACW flows in minutes.

  • Case Management through ACW - Seamlessly manage cases through the ACW process, enabling agents to track and update customer information, ticket information, etc., ensuring accurate and up-to-date records for efficient customer service. 

  • Update CRM records seamlessly during ACW, ensuring that customer information is accurately recorded and synchronized with the organization's database for comprehensive customer relationship management. 

  • Seamlessly integrate brand APIs to enhance ACW capabilities, allowing the system to retrieve and transmit information captured by agents during ACW to the brand's CRM system or databases.

  • Lead Creation - Lead creation involves identifying and nurturing potential customers. With Sprinklr, agents can generate leads during or after calls. Leads can be generated within Sprinklr or seamlessly sent to the client database through APIs/extracts. 

  • Disposition level reporting enables comprehensive reporting of all dispositions filled during ACW, supporting data-driven decision-making and fostering continuous improvement. 

  • Send Emails/Whatsapp/SMS - Upon completion of the ACW by an agent, the brand may require sending a range of communications to the customer through their preferred channels. These communications may encompass instructions for issue resolution, email-based invoice dispatch, or the delivery of itineraries via email or WhatsApp. 

  • Schedule callback for the customer - To handle complex customer queries, brands enable agents to schedule callbacks based on customer needs. Agents can easily schedule callbacks through ACW, triggering automated outbound calls at specified times.