Introduction to journey facilitator


What are customer Journeys?

Customer journey refers to the process that a customer or a lead goes through when considering, evaluating, and ultimately purchasing a product or service. It encompasses all the touchpoints and interactions that a customer has with a business before, during, and after a purchase.

By leveraging the right customer journey, marketers can create targeted and personalized campaigns that speak to customers at each stage of the journey, helping to build brand awareness, foster loyalty, and drive conversions. Additionally, customer journey mapping helps to identify pain points in the journey, allowing businesses to make improvements and create a better overall customer experience.

How does Sprinklr’s Journey Facilitator help?

Sprinklr’s Journey Facilitator helps marketers create unified, omnichannel customer journeys using a visual, state-of-the-art flow builder. The customer journey flow is the visual representation of the pattern that your brand is mapping to communicate with the customers across different channels. You can plan an end-to-end customer journey in Sprinklr itself - this includes importing leads for audience targeting to analyzing the performance of your created Journey.

How to access the Journey Facilitator in Sprinklr?

Make sure that you have the right permissions for your role to access Journey Facilitator in your Environment. To navigate to the Journey Facilitator:

  1. Navigate to the Sprinklr Marketing Launch Pad

  2. Select the Marketing section

  3. Find Journey Facilitator under Publish