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Simple. Functional. Reliable.

Introducing the all-new Hyperspace design language with a core foundation built on usability and user experience.

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Hyperspace is the tangible embodiment of Sprinklr’s user-centric vision to become the most loved enterprise software, ever.

Field Feedback

We received valuable customer feedback from our own Sprinklrites.

Historical Usage Patterns

Analyzed over 1 million data points across the Sprinklr platform for consistency.

Usability Survey

Identified response themes through direct in-platform feedback from our customers.

Customer Intake

Incorporated the most common asked UX requests from our customers.

Usage Pattern Analysis

Discovered most used user interactions, behavior, and engagements.

User Research

Over 200+ interviews from Sprinklr users analyzed.

Hyperspace is committed to happier user experiences.

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Understanding human needs and reframing challenges in a human-centric approach.

User Centered

User research, design workshops, and adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing.

User Experience

The experience is realized as a working product and iterated with feedback from users.

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change"

-Albert Einstein

Design x Engineering

Hyperspace was driven by creativity and data science, resulting in a whole new design language built on the foundations of usability and user experience principles.

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New Iconography

Contrast heavy, clear icons for easy scanning and simple interactions.

My Sprinklr

A place to call home. Providing users a place to learn and explore the Sprinklr platform.

Search & Find (CMD-K)

Global search designed to help users navigate quickly and easily, and search efficiently throughout the Sprinklr platform.

Easy Filters

Always-on filters that are fast and easy to use. Filter and find and pivot through mass amounts of data in a breeze.

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A promise from our Product and Design teams

The culmination of years of in-depth exploration of our users’ needs, motivations, and challenges, Hyperspace provides much-needed usability solutions, as well as a company-wide commitment to the simplification, consistency, and reliability of the Sprinklr platform.

Hyperspace is a message to our users that we hear you, we know you, we understand you, and we are committed to happier.

Product Design Team

Visit us to find out more about our methodology and approach to extraordinary user experiences at Sprinklr.Design

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