Sonos Triples Return on Advertising Spend with Sprinklr

Sonos increases revenue and achieves the best performing quarter in the company’s history

NEW YORK, NY — October 28, 2021 – Sprinklr (NYSE: CXM), the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, today announced that Sonos, a leading developer and manufacturer of audio products, is dramatically improving its return on ad spend (ROAS) with Sprinklr Marketing and Sprinklr Social. As a result of unifying and optimizing its marketing campaigns with Sprinklr, Sonos tripled return on ad spend for social Google Analytics, decreased the cost per website checkout, and increased revenue – achieving its best performing quarter in the company’s history.

Tackling COVID-19 Retail Marketing Challenges
Due to the pandemic, many Sonos customers around the world were unable to go to physical stores to make purchases, learn about new products, and speak to a sales representative in person. As a result, Sonos saw an increasing need for relevant digital marketing campaigns that reach consumers where they spend the most time – on social media and messaging channels.

A Sprinklr customer since 2017, Sonos saw an opportunity to expand its use of Sprinklr to tackle the following challenges:

  • Reduce data discrepancies in paid media campaigns across channels.

  • Receive real-time reporting of paid media campaigns from Google Analytics.

  • Share ad performance across teams in a scalable way.

  • Automate reporting and budget allocation for paid media campaigns.

  • Create a unified view of customer feedback to paid media campaigns across social channels.

Shifting to a Digital, Unified Experience with Sprinklr
Over the past year, Sonos has tackled its challenges and achieved the following with Sprinklr’s support:

  • Tripled ROAS of paid media campaigns across digital channels.

  • Decreased the cost per website checkout by 11%.

  • Increased efficiency by executing 95%+ of all digital advertising spend through Sprinklr.

With Sprinklr Marketing, Sonos reduces inefficiencies by automating its integration with Google analytics. Sonos also optimizes its ROAS with Sprinklr’s AI-powered Smart Budget Allocation.

With Sprinklr Social, the community management team at Sonos directly engages with and responds to customers, providing feedback and comments on Sonos’ social media content. That feedback is used to inform decisions on continuing to run successful ads, if ads need iteration, or if ads need to be pulled from the market entirely. Additionally, with feedback from all social channels consolidated in one Sprinklr platform, Sonos has a unified view of customer experiences and the appropriate governance to manage engagement.

Comments on the news:
“Sprinklr integrates so nicely with Google Analytics, and allows for quick and easy pivots — which is essential with digitally-led campaigns. By tuning the AI to our specific metrics, we are able to eliminate manual data pulls and optimize our budget and media spend which ultimately saves us time and money while streamlining resources,” said Ingrid Harris, Marketing Manager, Sonos.

“Companies who are the fastest and more flexible in adapting to the new reality of online and social shopping have a huge advantage in the market, and are becoming industry leaders at creating a unified marketing and unified shopping experience for customers,” said Ragy Thomas, CEO and Founder, Sprinklr. “Sonos has made Sprinklr an extension of its team and as a result, it is leading the market by putting digital-first, unified advertising at the center of its customer experience strategy.”

Additional Information:

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