Sprinklr Acquires Nanigans’ Social Advertising Business

Surpassing $1.5 billion in annualized ad spend – creating the dominant advertising platform for social media. Nanigans’ social advertising business is a perfect complement to what Sprinklr has been building for the past decade – one platform for customer experience management

New York, NY — December 3, 2019 — Sprinklr, the world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels, today announced that it has acquired Nanigans’ social advertising business. Nanigans’ social advertising business is a perfect complement to what Sprinklr has been building for the past decade – one platform for customer experience management.

With this transaction, Sprinklr is now the definitive powerhouse in performance and brand social advertising, managing more than $1.5 billion of annualized ad spend across major social channels including Facebook, Instagram and X, formerly Twitter. Brands with complex governance, compliance and analytics requirements can rely on Sprinklr Marketing to help them reduce risk, cut costs, and quickly increase return on ad spend.

This acquisition reinforces Sprinklr’s mission to define and lead the customer experience management industry with the world’s first Unified Front Office, which helps brands manage every customer-facing function – marketing, advertising, research, care, and social engagement.

Welcoming Nanigans to the Sprinklr Family

Nanigans is a performance advertising software company supporting brands in the e-commerce and gaming space, including Wayfair, Zynga, and Quicken Loans. Sprinklr is acquiring Nanigans’ social advertising business including data management, predictive analytics, optimization, campaign management, and granular real-time reporting across today’s most valuable advertising channels: Facebook, Instagram, and X, formerly Twitter.

Additionally, Sprinklr is welcoming many former Nanigans employees to the company. These accomplished advertising specialists will enhance Sprinklr’s performance advertising expertise and support clients worldwide. Nanigans will maintain ownership of its incrementality business which measures the effectiveness of an advertisement.

Sprinklr + Nanigans: Creating an Advertising Powerhouse and a Complete Customer Experience Management Platform

Today, advertising is a critical component of customer experience management, but it needs to be part of a unified front office platform to be effective.
Data about advertising performance should not sit in a siloed department. It should be shared across customer-facing functions such as research, marketing and customer care. This is where Sprinklr’s unified platform and artificial intelligence capabilities come in – Sprinklr is uniquely positioned to help brands make sense of advertising performance data and then share this insight across teams that collaborate on Sprinklr’s platform.

Performance Advertising is Growing

Today’s transaction shows Sprinklr’s commitment to expanding in the performance advertising space. With performance advertising, brands purchase ad space and pay the publisher only when someone reacts to their ad. Consumer reactions brands pay for include online sales and app installs.
Performance advertising presents a growing market opportunity for Sprinklr. Last year in the U.S., performance-based advertising comprised 61.8 percent of internet ad revenues. Additionally, social media apps are increasingly gaining mindshare at the expense of shopping apps. According to a Goldman Sachs survey, millennials prefer Facebook for shopping more than any other platform, and retailers are spending their marketing dollars accordingly.

Comments on the News

“Since founding Nanigans a decade ago, we’ve always focused our resources on doing best by our customers – the most competitive performance advertisers. That’s why we’re incredibly excited for Nanigans’ Social Advertising Business to join Sprinklr. The combination of our powerful ad management software with Sprinklr’s unified platform is a natural fit for CMOs and in-house marketers around the world,” said Ric Calvillo, co-founder and CEO of Nanigans. “Sprinklr is also gaining an experienced team of leaders who understand how to help brands drive real business goals on social. I’m looking forward to seeing this team thrive as part of the Sprinklr family.”

“Social channels, with their ability to micro-target and personalize advertising, are quickly emerging as the preferred destination for performance advertisers,” said Ragy Thomas, CEO & Founder, Sprinklr. “Sprinklr’s acquisition of Nangians’ social advertising business will enhance our Sprinklr Marketing product while also helping brands reduce the number of point solutions in their MarTech stack. With Sprinklr’s Unified Front Office, brands will have a single platform for all their social advertising, marketing, customer care, research, and engagement needs.”

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