Sprinklr Introduces New Solutions to Maximize the Impact of Social Advertising

Social DMP and Predictive Budget Allocation help brands automatically segment customer data and reduce campaign costs all in Sprinklr

New York, NY — January 8, 2018 — Sprinklr, the most complete social platform for managing customer experiences at scale, today announced Social DMP (data management platform) and Predictive Budget Allocation within Sprinklr’s Advertising Cloud. Now, the world’s largest brands have an easier way to reach the right consumers with relevant ads and ensure optimal ad budgets without leaving Sprinklr’s unified platform. The result – improved ROI and ultimately a better customer experience.

The amount of money spent on social advertising is expected to greatly increase this year, growing 51% in 2016 and predicted to grow at an average rate of 20% a year until 2019. Despite this increase in spending, only 18% of top marketing execs say they have been able to prove the qualitative impact of social media advertising in 2017. This low percentage shows that companies will need to improve their ad targeting, efficiency and budget optimization if they are going to justify the required increase.

With efficiency and effectiveness in mind, Sprinklr is releasing Social DMP and Predictive Budget Allocation to solve brands’ biggest social advertising challenges.

Social DMP: Automatically organizes and segments unstructured customer data from an industry-leading number of sources, based on specific customer attributes.


  • Easy Data Collection: Quickly unify unstructured CRM lists, offline data, and streaming data across multiple databases and any social channel including Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and X, formerly Twitter’s entire firehose. No need to manually export or upload any customer data for use in ad targeting.

  • Powerful Segment Creation: Eliminate outdated and disconnected audience segments by automatically segmenting customer data based on paid, owned and earned social media metrics. Personalize audience segments even further based on market trends, customer behavior (including any action they take via an application or website) to create very specific audiences leading to high conversion rates. And, estimate the reach of each segment.

  • Frequent Data Syncs: Save time and increase effectiveness of ads by automatically moving users between audiences as they take action.

  • Increased Revenue: Reduce waste by running highly effective campaigns that market relevant content to your customers regardless of where they are in the conversion funnel.

Predictive Budget Allocation: Maximizes ROI by optimizing budget distribution across campaigns.


  • Increase Advertising ROAS (return on ad spend): Automatically distribute campaign budgets to top-performing ads and ensure increased ROAS.

  • Automate Budget Reallocation: Eliminate the cumbersome, manual process of managing leftover campaign budgets through the automated redistribution of ad dollars based on real-time performance.

  • Forecast Campaign Performance: Ensure you’re able to use your entire allocated budget with predictive ad performance, which informs budget decisions and planned automation.

  • Customizable Business Goals: Set custom KPIs to trigger budget redistribution.

Availability: Social DMP and Predictive Budget Allocation are generally available today for any customer using Sprinklr’s Advertising Cloud, at no extra cost.

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Comment on the news:

  • “Three billion people are connected on social with their real identities — there are no more strangers,” said Pavitar Singh, CTO, Sprinklr. “Advertising is no longer about creating as many impressions as possible; it’s about seeing a real person with a real need, and reaching them wherever they are. With Sprinklr’s Advertising Cloud, brands can advertise to a segment of one like never before to deliver personalized ads at scale.”

About SprinklrSprinklr is the first unified customer experience management platform for the enterprise. We help the world’s largest brands reach, engage, and listen to their customers on Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, and 23+ other social channels for the purposes of marketing, advertising, research, care, and commerce. Sprinklr does all of that on one unified platform, which integrates with legacy systems and allows siloed teams to collaborate to deliver a seamless experience to every one of their customers across any channel — at scale. Headquartered in New York City with 1,500 employees in 20 offices, Sprinklr works with 1,200+ global companies including Nike, McDonald’s, Microsoft, P&G, Samsung, more than 50% of the Fortune 50, and nine out of ten of the world’s most valuable brands. Its partners include SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and many others across the CXM ecosystem. For more information, visit sprinklr.com or chat with us at @sprinklr

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