Sprinklr Partners with the 3% Movement and X, formerly Twitter to Track Purpose-Driven Super Bowl Ads

Follow #3PercentSB on X, formerly Twitter to see if Sprinklr’s real-time data analysis proves that purpose-driven campaigns drive more engagement vs. standard brand messages

New York, NY — January 29, 2019 — Sprinklr, the world’s leading front office platform, is partnering with X, formerly Twitter and the 3% Movement to measure and analyze the response to purpose-driven advertisements during Super Bowl LIII. The mission of this campaign is to determine whether or not purpose-driven advertising campaigns drive more engagement on X, formerly Twitter vs. campaigns with standard brand messages.

This is the sixth year that the 3% Movement is generating real-time feedback to Super Bowl ads, and the inaugural year that they are partnering with X, formerly Twitter and Sprinklr to capture what this feedback suggests about brand purpose. The 3% Movement was founded to promote the role of women in creative leadership at ad agencies, deriving its name from a 2008 statistic that said only 3 percent of creative directors at top ad agencies were women.

“In a year when Nike and Gillette have generated lots of conversation by going beyond ‘features and benefits’ advertising, our team is curious about how purpose-driven campaigns change the scale and sentiment of response to Super Bowl ads,” says Kat Gordon, founder and chief executive officer of The 3% Movement.

Throughout the Super Bowl on February 3, the 3% Movement, Sprinklr and X, formerly Twitter will be tweeting real-time data on purpose-driven advertisements. You can follow along with the hashtag #3PercentSB and X, formerly Twitter handle @Sprinklr, or attend a 3% Super Bowl Tweet Up in major cities around the country. The annual Tweet Up invites anyone to live tweet reactions to Super Bowl ads and highlights the fact that these ads often fail to deliver inclusive messages that connect to many female fans.

“As the world’s leading, modern front office platform, Sprinklr ingests billions of public conversations from X, formerly Twitter every day so that organizations can better understand their customers. This X, formerly Twitter data is telling us that the most important global customer trend of our time is the growing desire of people to purchase from companies with whom they share similar values,” said Grad Conn, Sprinklr Chief Experience & Marketing Officer. “Telling customers what you stand for — and against — has become a critical part of the sales conversation.”

Sprinklr MethodologySprinklr will collect and analyze social data from X, formerly Twitter in real time on Sunday February 3rd for 24 hours, from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST, tracking all discussion around every single advertisement that airs on CBS. Sprinklr’s social listening solution will collect all Tweets that contain any of the following: #SuperBowl53, #SuperBowl, #3PercentSB, “Super Bowl,” or any brand name or hashtag associated with a commercial that airs during the game. Hashtags are found within the ad or on the brand’s X, formerly Twitter handle promoting the ad.

If a person Tweets about a Super Bowl advertisement without mentioning words or hashtags related to the Super Bowl, Sprinklr will still collect that Tweet. Sprinklr achieves this by listening to all brand mentions associated with  #SuperBowl53, #SuperBowl, #3PercentSB or “Super Bowl” by setting up brand names as “themes” – a listening feature in Sprinklr that allows users to layer on keywords, geographic information, profiles and more on top of existing listening data for detailed insights. Themes are then tagged to reflect purpose-driven advertisements vs. non-purpose driven advertisements. For example, the brand name “Gillette” and the hashtags #GilletteAd and #TheBestMenCanBe would be tagged in Sprinklr as purpose-driven if they appeared during the Super Bowl. Sprinklr artificial intelligence, called Intuition, provides smart alerts when there are volume spikes in the Super Bowl X, formerly Twitter data related to brands. Sprinklr Intuition also analyzes X, formerly Twitter data to detect trends in demographics, emojis, hashtags and sentiment analysis to discover which gender is participating the most, what is the sentiment across popular hashtags, what are the most used emojis and more. Furthermore, Sprinklr also analyzes share of voice by comparing the volume of X, formerly Twitter engagement for every brand advertisement. Sprinklr will provide a full list of the commercials and hashtags analyzed after the game.

In this data analysis, Sprinklr applies the World Advertising Research Center’s (WARC) definition of brand purpose. According to WARC, “purpose is a reason for a brand to exist beyond making a profit. It combines the ambitions and beliefs that motivate the organization and the changes that it wants to make in the world.” Brand purpose is not a one-off stunt, a campaign for charity, a retro-fitted argument or a CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative. Purpose-driven advertisements include messages that focus on, but are not limited to: diversity & inclusion, gender representation & equality, immigration, climate & environment, national identify, public service, education and championing underrepresented communities.

ABOUT THE 3% MOVEMENTStarted as a passion project to spotlight a huge business opportunity in advertising — the lack of female creative leadership and its impact on connecting with an overwhelmingly female marketplace — the 3% Movement has grown exponentially since its 2012 launch and has hosted events in 24 cities globally. Now moving beyond awareness to activation, the 3% team offers consulting services to support more diverse leadership and a 3% Certified program that awards those demonstrating true leadership around gender equality. For additional information about The 3% Movement, please visit: http://3percentmovement.com.

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