Sprinklr and TikTok Launch New Advertising Partnership

Sprinklr is the first enterprise software platform to support ad creation and management on TikTok

Helping brands reach a crucial audience on the world’s most downloaded app

NEW YORK, NY — April 28, 2020 – Sprinklr, the leading Customer Experience Management platform (CXM), today announced it is integrating with TikTok, becoming the first API partner to support in-feed video ads. This partnership allows advertisers to create and manage in-feed video ads on TikTok alongside ad campaigns on other social media channels all in Sprinklr. Today, Sprinklr is the most comprehensive platform for brands to optimize ad performance across social channels.

The Power of TikTokTikTok is a content platform for short-form mobile videos that inspire creativity and joy. The platform has captured the world’s attention with its creative, authentic and engaging content, and is now one of the most downloaded apps globally. Now more than ever, users are looking to TikTok as an outlet for positivity and levity, and overall engagement from the community continues to increase as users turn to TikTok to keep their spirits up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many large brands partner with TikTok to create a human connection with consumers – Levis doubled its product views with TikTok’s “shop now” button, Kroger added a shoppable component to its TikTok hashtag, and a number of luxury fashion brands have added the platform to their social marketing mix.

The Power of Sprinklr + TikTokSprinklr is providing a self-serve platform to plan, execute, analyze, and optimize TikTok in-feed video campaigns alongside ad campaigns from other social channels that Sprinklr Marketing supports – Facebook, Instagram, X, formerly Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and Line. TikTok in-feed video ads offer brands the ability to place immersive video experiences within a user’s “For You” homepage feed. Ads have customizable CTA buttons that click out to an external landing page. With this full-screen, auto-play and sound-on format, brands will fit right into the user experience while driving awareness and consideration more effectively.

With Sprinklr, TikTok advertisers can now take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Increase Return on Ad Spend:

    • AI-powered optimization: Use AI to distribute budgets based on an ad’s performance and automate the ad bidding process.

    • Sprinklr Smart Rules: Leverage real-time events to deliver relevant and timely TikTok ads. Sprinklr Smart Rules allow advertisers to automatically adjust their ad content based on social media conversations, the weather, or events. For example, a brand can target consumers in a specific state with a hot beverage campaign when temperatures drop.

  • Improve Advertiser Productivity:

    • Real-time reporting: Replace manual reports with real-time, customizable reporting dashboards to uncover timely insights and improve advertising strategy.

    • Streamlined ad creation: Eliminate email-based collaboration and siloed workflows with limited accountability by using Sprinklr’s automation to drive real-time collaboration between brand and agency teams.

  • Protect Brand Reputation:

    • Governance and compliance: Protect brand reputation with an auditable governance structure that manages user access to posting TikTok ads based on an employee’s roles and responsibilities.

Comments on the News:“Sprinklr’s partnership with TikTok presents an exciting opportunity for brands to target a highly-engaged Gen-Z and Millennial audience on a platform that promotes authenticity and creativity,” said Pavitar Singh, CTO, Sprinklr. “We’re thrilled to provide our customers with the opportunity to increase return on ad spend, improve productivity, and protect their brand reputation when managing TikTok ads.”

Additional Resources:– Learn more about Sprinklr and TikTok’s partnership here.– Read an overview of Sprinklr Marketing product here.

About Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) is the world’s leading Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform. We help organizations reach, engage & listen to customers & citizens across 25 social channels, 11 messaging channels and hundreds of millions of forums, blogs, and review sites. Sprinklr is a global company with 1,800+ employees helping brands in more than 150 countries create memorable customer experiences.

About TikTokTikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.

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