Improve Self-Serve rates by 150% with Sprinklr’s Conversational AI Bots

Allow customers to self-serve using Sprinklr's conversational chat & voice bots, designed to handle complex scenarios, reducing the need of human agents.
Conversational AI Dashboard

Empower Customers to Solve their Issues within Minutes

Humanize your bot experience by providing a conversational interface that delivers quick and personalized responses, reducing wait times, and improving customer satisfaction.

Outbound Campaign Monitoring

Contextual conversations

In-Platform Testing

Dive into a holistic campaign monitoring experience

Monitor every aspect of the campaigns with surface level insights on all the campaigns across 20+ real-time metrics. Assess individual campaign performance with intuitive tabular or tile report views.  

Omnichannel & Multilingual

Improve AI Accuracy & Resolution Rates without Additional Costs

Identify Top Contact Drivers Quickly & Automate them, thus reducing Agent Expense

Discover Workflows

Discover Suggested Workflows by Analyzing Conversations

Leverage Sprinklr AI to uncover contact reasons and receive corresponding automated customer journeys as suggestions.
Discover Workflows

Empower Your Agents

Ensure First-touch Resolution with Omnichannel AI-based Contextual Routing

Collect and pass information so agents are empowered with context
Empower your Agents

Conversational Commerce

Fuel your Revenue Engine through Automated Product Recommendations

Offer personalised suggestions and promotional outbound engagements through bots to boost your sales.
Outbound Engagement

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Track Bot Performance via Actionable Insights

Continuously measure containment rate & automatically find emerging issues using unsupervised learning.
Stay Ahead of the Curve

Accelerate ‘Time-to-Market’ with Verticalized Offerings

Reduce time to launch with pre-built industry-specific bot workflows with the ability to customise it without any code.

Use Case Library

Seamless Integration

Customized Brand Voice

Build Faster with Verticalized Use Case Library

Choose from a library of 250+ bot templates with AI Intents across top industry verticals to give you a head-start.

Use Case Library

Top Brands use Sprinklr as Conversational AI Solution


"We are leveraging Sprinklr’s Conversational AI capabilities to proactively serve customers across social and digital channels and in multiple languages, thereby improving and transforming the overall customer experience with speedier, more effective, and more efficient customer service”

Mohammad AbeidatVice President Of TechnologyAramex

“With Sprinklr’s OCR technology, we can now scan and validate invoices in real time, providing a uniform, seamless experience to our customers. So whether they're talking on the phone or interacting with us through Facebook or Instagram, we can give them the same information within the same amount of time, and that has tremendously helped us improve the customer journey"

Pankaj RautVP Supply ChainBoat

Next gen Platform for a future-ready contact center

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