Turn your Instagram and TikTok followers into customers with Sprinklr Link in Bio

Create a custom website that showcases your products or services, and then share that website with your followers with just a single link
Link in Bio header

Quick and Easy Setup

Create a page that is as unique as you, in Under 5 Minutes

Just enter your Instagram or TikTok handle, and we'll create a custom website for you in minutes
Quick and Easy Setup

Setup Link

Style Your Website

Make it Live

One click link setup

Simply add the link you want against your Instagram or Tiktok account.

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Mobile and Desktop Responsive

Does your social media team need more?
Social media management on 30+ modern channels and flexibility to add new channels quickly.
Enterprise-grade governance featuring 10x more granular roles and permissions and highly configurable workflows.
Advanced analytics with 5x more metrics and limitless customization to ensure you're getting the insights you need.
In-depth capabilities across Insights, Marketing and Service for a unified customer experience management.
Seamlessly migrate to Sprinklr with our exclusive offers.

Drive traffic anywhere

Promote your business on Instagram, TikTok, and beyond

Provide your audience with a way to interact with your business beyond just liking and commenting on your posts

Google Drive
Drive Traffic Anywhere

Improved Engagement

✍🏽 Improve customer engagement & capture leads with a host of interactive features

Use features like product catalogue, e-mail lead collection, custom call to action buttons and social media linking to improve your customer engagement.

Product/Link Tagging

Drive purchase intent or page visits

Add product tags or page links to your store posts to redirect users to products or servcies.
Product/Link Tagging

Lead Generation

Generate leads with Built-in Email Collection Forms

Improve engagement with your followers by giving them a way to stay in touch with you.
Lead Generation

Call-to-Action Buttons

Encourage your followers to take action

Prompt users to take specific actions, such as making a purchase, signing up for newsletters, or exploring further content with strategically placed buttons.
Call-to-Action Buttons

Social Media Crosslinks

Redirect traffic to other social media platforms

Simply add a link to your other social media profiles to your Link in Bio footer to redirect traffic.
Social Media Crosslinks

Inbuilt Product Catalogue

Effectively manage & integrate your products to Link in Bio with built in Catalogue

Tag posts with product tags, and ignite purchase intent by effortlessly directing users to your product pages

Maintain catalogue

Efficient product organization

Easily upload and organize Your product inventory within Sprinklr's product catalogue.
Maintain catalogue

Drive Purchase Intent

Frictionless transition from browsing to purchasing

Redirect users to the specific product link registered in the catalogue when they click on post.
Drive Purchase Intent

Measure What Matters

Measure clicks and see which content is driving revenue to your business

Track the number of clicks on store links and posts, along with other demographic metrics & identify which content is resonating with your audience

Measure What Matters

Industry specific use cases

One link, multiple use cases

Optimise the look, feel & usability of your store to suit your brand and drive the maximum business outcome & impact

Line Stack

Multiple Storefronts

Multiple storefronts
Use the multi link layout to redirect to other stores or pages of your brand


Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce Services
Use the hybrid layout to showcase your products visually to drive purchase intent

Image Rich

Blog/News Agency

Blog/News Agency
Use image grid to redirect traffic to your website as a blog/news agency

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

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Sprinklr is the foundation of our social media strategy. It is our backbone.

Marc DuquesnoySocial Media Performance DirectorL'Oréal
Group 1000003529

Sprinklr allowed the team to scale its social program to better understand customers and prospects, connect social to real-life experiences, and make the brand more recognizable around the world.

Erin McGeeSocial Media ManagerSAP

Unify your social media strategy with the most advanced platform 

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