The Strategic Handbook on Brand Authenticity: How to Grow, Manage, and Protect Your Brand

Explore how to create meaningful connections that are both authentic and attuned to the voice of the customer.

Customers want to engage with brands that empathize with them. They crave experiences that are more real — and less packaged. In fact, 76% of consumers stay loyal to a brand that makes them feel appreciated.

But how can brands competing in a hyper-competitive attention economy rise above the noise and create authentic customer experiences at scale? In this handbook, you’ll discover how brand managers can synthesize feelings into insights that drive meaningful connections by:

  • Identifying the factors that define brand authenticity

  • Listening to the voice of the customer in real time — across the digital channels they prefer — and understanding their sentiments, their experiences, and their need for care

  • Creating richer insights with a single, unified customer view that helps you protect, grow, and celebrate your brand

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