Helping you to solve big agency problems.

Solving agency problems

We know about the growing pains that can hold agencies back. More clients, more meetings, and more stakeholders mean dwindling agility, less transparency, and poor visibility. Everything slows down or quality suffers.

Sprinklr was built with efficiency in mind. Our rules engine lets you automate almost any process, and if there’s a repetitive task that you can’t automate, just tell us and we’ll build a solution for you. Transparency and visibility are restored, because all your clients are.

Solving agency problems

Boost transparency and visibility by collating all your clients in one platform. Access every employee and client contact, with customisable permissions: everybody can see what they need to see, nobody has access to something they shouldn’t.

Tell us about your biggest operational issues and we’ll talk you through the solutions.

The Benefits of a Single Platform

Sprinklr is the most complete social media management solution, supporting over 20 social channels in more than 85 languages. This makes things simpler, but the real power of Sprinklr comes from having your entire company's data on a single platform.

You might think that you’ve used a single platform before but stacked solutions sold as a single platform are often pointed solutions that are acquired, repackaged and stitched together unsuccessfully. At Sprinklr, when integrating technology into our platform, we rebuild it as part of our single platform using a single code-base.

We help you avoid the hassle and mess of moving data from one service to another - which is never as simple as they claim.

With Sprinklr everything is seamless, as it’s already in a single environment. We call this “the single data truth.” See it in action for yourself.

Native Technology

Posting directly to platforms using native tools (Facebook Power Editor, Twitter’s Ads Editor) and built-in listening, analytics, and audience management features

Point Solutions

Tech solutions built around platform APIs for specific usage, such as: scheduling (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck), paid media (Kenshoo, Nannigans), analytics (Simply Measured, SocialBakers), Listening (Radian6, Topsy)

Stacked Solutions

Tech providers that offer a full suite of social tech, but their products are stacked – standalone products that pass information between each other, rather than an all in one, integrated solution ( CRM)

Partner Benefits

It’s a big decision for agencies to put all their clients on our platform. We understand.

For Sprinklr, agencies are special, which means you get special treatment.

Partnering with us also gives you access to our clients – over 1,200 of the world’s leading brands. Companies who need agencies that know the Sprinklr platform.

We can pitch for new business together, and smaller agencies can compete with much bigger agencies with Sprinklr technology on board.

Let’s chat and see how a partnership could help your agency grow.

A dedicated development team

Exclusive access to any new features we build with you (for a limited time)

Whatever support you need to reach your goals

Access to our specialist teams to help expand your services and create new revenue streams

Become a full-service social agency

Sprinklr’s modules make it possible for specialist agencies to look and act like full-service social agencies.

For example, if your core offering is paid social advertising, you can branch out into listening or content publishing. Similarly, creative agencies can use our modules to run tests and determine which creatives perform best, and even expand their services to offer paid media.

Agencies can draw on the support and assistance of our ex-agency paid media, analytics and creative teams who have unrivalled experience running end-to-end campaigns on the Sprinklr system.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless ways for agile, specialist agencies to expand their offering, increase revenue from existing clients, and win new business with Sprinklr.

Is there a service you’d like to offer your clients? Get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

Become a full service social agency

Building our platform around your agency

We configure the Sprinklr platform for each of your specific needs. So if you’ve already used the Sprinklr platform to run a shared client’s campaign, there’s still much more to see.

Want to see our agency setup? Request a demo and we’ll show you what you’re missing.

Global Learnings

Without access to global learnings, you won’t be able to compare global data across your client base, share pre-saved targeting plans or track staff actions and performance

Full Functionality

If certain functionality isn’t available to your clients, then you could miss out on vital tools, such as the Social Asset Manager – a repository of creative assets and targeting settings with rich analytics on what’s worked well in the past

Full Permissions

Your clients' role and permissions may not allow them to adapt and create new reporting dashboards, or to monitor comments on posts

Efficiency Projection Tool

Put simply, the Sprinklr platform saves large organisations money through simple efficiency gains.

If we put everything else aside and just look at campaign management, we can get an idea of the surprising amount of time your employees waste every day on manual work. Basic, automatable tasks like setting up campaigns, generating tracking tags, optimising performance, or creating spreadsheets and reports.

We’ve developed a tool to help agencies calculate how much time and money they can save by adopting Sprinklr technology. In just one year, this can add up to thousands of working days and millions of dollars lost for large agencies.

Get in touch now to see how much time and money you could save.

Efficiency Projection Tool
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