Transform social campaigns into visually
stunning brand experiences

Social Data Visualization

Bring your brand, fans, and social data to life on any screen, whether mobile or larger-than-life stadium displays.
Sprinklr lets you create immersive brand experiences, from the board room to your website, from stores to events and beyond.

Put big data into visual context

Visualizing data in an immersive experience is the fastest way to gain insight for your brand. Sprinklr Command Center gives you and your brand unprecedented views of real-time content, feedback from your customers and fans, and correlations across customer-first initiatives. With this information at your fingertips, you are empowered to find the signals in the noise, giving insight into consumer trends and informing your strategic initiatives.

Sprinklr Command Centers are designed for your brand and business needs. With powerful design tools, you optimize the on-screen visualizations around your business structure, active campaigns, and data sources and combine it all into one amazing view. The result is an impressive display that is not only a functional business tool, but also a visual showcase that strengthens your brand.

As your business needs, goals, and campaigns change throughout the year, Sprinklr Command Centers can scale and grow with you. Unlike other set-it-and-forget software, Sprinklr scales at the pace of business, allowing brand managers and executives to add new campaign and brand information on the fly to respond to business needs, seamlessly integrating into the existing social media and marketing ecosystem.

Sprinklr offers two powerful solutions to fit every need, our On Demand Command Center for delivering insights to the teams that need them and our Event Command Center for creating engaging experiences for customers and fans.


Highlight trending topics and sentiment to understand what’s attracting interest

  • Automatically display aggregated insights around any topics
  • View which ideas and topics are creating the most buzz at your event
  • Reinforce your message with real-time data insights






Keep a constant pulse on your entire social program

  • Make it easier to uncover cross-functional insights that improve market research, better support customers, and drive sales
  • Track critical KPIs and social data on any screen
  • View social content, stocks, news, reviews, and any reporting metrics, such as campaign engagement rates or SLA times


Always on-brand, with easy setup and use

  • Optimized for HD, 4K, and multi-screen displays
  • Ensure an experience that meets your brand and business needs
  • Take control with mobile app to pivot topics, change views, and add new topics


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Put your fans in the spotlight

Every fan has a story. Brands want that story to be more tightly woven into a brand, location, or event experience, involving fans in an organic and authentic way. Incredible brand content is constantly being created by actual customers, but most brands aren’t extracting the full value. Brands need a way to bring that valuable and positive customer content into their campaigns.

Leverage customer content to encourage engagement, speed conversion, and increase average order value. Connect fans to a bigger community of enthusiasts everywhere they encounter your brand. Drive sales with consumer content right next to the products they’re promoting in brick-and-mortar locations. Encourage engagement across social channels at an event. Help fans connect with your brand using immersive digital experiences.


  • Aggregate and display content from top social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, Weibo, and more
  • Automatically filter unwanted content, such as profanity
  • Curate the best content from your fans and the brand in an automated or manual workflow: by campaign, by channel, by hashtag, etc.


  • Get fans engaged with interactive visualizations like real-time hashtag voting
  • Seamlessly weave brand or sponsors’ content alongside UGC
  • Reinforce campaign goals with specific calls to action: hashtags, sites, or products


  • Any screen, any size, anywhere. Create immersive digital displays uniquely suited to your space with social content at the heart of the experience.
  • From mobile to stadium screens, we ensure the look and feel of your brand
  • Quickly moderate high volumes of content for near real-time display, highlighting in-the-moment reactions
  • Stay Alive technology ensures your content stays up even when the wifi doesn’t


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Bring the customer voice and experience into your digital properties

Brands need an easy way to facilitate discovery among fans. This involves being able to find, engage with, and submit content in ways that come naturally to them. These social hubs provide an immersive, dynamic way for visitors to explore your brand, products, and services. Social Hubs add credibility to the brand, drive increased conversion, and inspire your audience with the real voices of customers just like them.

Collect and curate the best brand and fan-driven content from across the social web

  • Discover content on your owned channels or extend your search with Boolean and hashtag queries
  • Showcase global fan content from top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, VK, and Sina Weibo
  • Moderate, select, and reject content in real time with custom monitoring dashboards and flexible approval workflows

Make it easy for fans to explore and amplify your products

  • Curate content based on custom contests, themes, campaigns, and more
  • Place brand and user content directly into the buying path with shoppable links and Hubs primed for either standalone or iFrame page display
  • Manage User Generated Content requests and approvals in Sprinklr to streamline permissions from top content producers

Create unique, real-time galleries on your digital properties

  • Build on-brand, in-site gallery designs with a drag-and-drop wizard that takes the guesswork out of social channel design requirements
  • Leverage powerful automation to more efficiently discover, select, and display content that matches your criteria
  • Showcase the best content at the top of your Social Hub with pinnable featured content
  • Ensure your content stays up during peak times with Stay Alive technology

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