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An American manufacturing company drives engagement with influencers and customers

American Manufacturing Company
Manufacturing & Hospitality
Company Size
40,000 employees
United States

The Challenge

An American manufacturing company is comprised of more than fifty brands that span a wide range of industries, including kitchen and bath and decorative products.

It’s important that we have a consistent voice across all our brands and industries and that we are showing up for our customers wherever they are. Sprinklr helps to ensure that we are always in the mix — that we know about and are engaged in and driving important, brand-relevant conversations on social.”

Social Media Strategist
, American Manufacturing Company

Before its current social media strategist joined the company in 2018, the company used a wide variety of point solutions to manage customer experience across its many brands. When the new strategist joined the company, he was looking to consolidate solutions to a single, unified platform for all social-focused teams. He wanted a customer experience management platform that enabled the company’s teams to:

  • Join relevant social conversations by listening to the real-time voice of customers as they talked about products and brand-relevant events or topics
  • Analyze the performance of social posts and key characteristics of content against competitors
  • Automate social media planning and publishing across multiple channels and brands, then efficiently measure and respond to customer engagement
  • Transform data and content into impactful experiences through digital displays for both its website and their headquarters

The Solution

The manufacturing company implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, enabling teams across the company’s diverse set of brands to gain critical insights into their respective customers and industries. This ensures teams are able to create a consistent, seamless customer experience — at scale — from a common platform.

Staying on top of important social conversations

The company’s social media strategist leverages Social Listening from Sprinklr Insights to listen to and glean insights from online conversations about its products, brands and related industries. He keeps tabs on a wide range of topics and events, including kitchen and bath furnishings and events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) tradeshow. These automated, AI-powered insights help guide content development and ensure that the company’s brand teams are creating social content that resonates with customers and prospects and are aware of and engaged in relevant, topical conversations. 

The social media strategist says Social Listening is what alerted the company to the fact that an astronaut at the international space station had taken a photo of one of its properties from space and posted it to X, formerly Twitter — and that a new product in the company’s virtual showcase at CES had caught the attention of a celebrity. 

“Sometimes big influencers talk about us and our products, and we want to be there when they do,” he says. “Thanks to Social Listening, we were able to immediately jump in and banter back and forth with the celebrity about our product.” Not only was it a fun cultural moment to engage in, but it was fantastic organic exposure for the company and one of its hottest new products.

Managing social publishing and engagement 

The company also implemented Social Publishing & Engagement from Sprinklr Social. This enables teams across the company to manage social media content planning and publishing from a common platform and to respond to customer engagement efficiently with automated workflows, intuition moderation, and engagement dashboards that can be shared across teams. Whereas the company’s previous publishing solution made it difficult to organize social posts and manage engagement across channels, its brand teams now ably run social campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, X, formerly Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Community managers engage in conversations and easily route concerns or comments to customer service agents.

Showing trending conversations and curated brand content on the big screen

The company also makes use of Display, a Sprinklr platform feature that enables teams to create powerful visualizations of real-time data, displayed on the big screen at company headquarters. With six screens in its large conference room and three rolling screens, campus visitors can see how people around the world are engaging with their brands on social media, “listen” to trending conversations, and view curated brand content. Display is also used in company war rooms, when there are big product launches or events, like CES — serving as a command center that displays relevant and time-sensitive information for executives and others who track data.

The Outcome

Sprinklr Insights has enabled the company and its many brands to ensure they’re joining relevant online conversations to learn about and engage with their customers — and to capitalize on brand-relevant, cultural moments.

In addition to listening and joining critical conversations, the company uses Social Engagement & Sales to start and lead those conversations. They are then able to analyze the performance of their social posts and benchmark key characteristics of content against their competitors. Finally, Display allows the company to share their brand story with all campus visitors.