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How Brookdale Senior Living makes human connections with a scalable digital strategy

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Images from a 106-year-old resident’s birthday party. A video celebrating the life and service of retired veterans. Sharing a light-hearted #GranDADJoke. These are just some of the moments that Brookdale Senior Living captures every day on its digital channels. 

But, with approximately 700 locations and social media accounts across the United States, ensuring those moments of “social gold” are part of a comprehensive content strategy and are posted to the right channels by trained administrators is essential to mitigate risk and ensure adherence with brand guidelines. 

Brookdale Senior Living needed a solution that would provide:

  • A secure governance model to facilitate that all content shared on Brookdale channels was reviewed, approved, and posted by authorized users.

  • A scalable content strategy that enabled bi-directional content sharing between local staff and the corporate team to maximize content performance across all channels.

  • A digital engagement model that could transform the way Brookdale Senior Living reaches its audience of residents, families, and prospective residents during the pandemic.


Using Sprinklr, Brookdale Senior Living’s social media team transformed the way they engaged with local teams and customers across their digital channels.

Once Sprinklr was onboarded, the team created mandatory online training and resources, ensuring users knew how to navigate the platform. Brookdale set up rules to automatically route posts for internal review and approval before going live on any page, giving the small corporate team the ability to protect the integrity of the brand.

“Having a local social media presence is a point of difference for us. Our competitors don’t invest in local because it requires quite a bit of resources, time, and effort. We’re the largest provider in the industry so we believe the investment positions us as a leader in the category.”

Kristin Puckett
Senior Director of Social Media Strategy and Brand
Brookdale Senior Living


Now that activities are executed and monitored through the Sprinklr platform, the Brookdale team can track and manage campaign budgets more effectively to see where ad dollars are best spent. Kristin Puckett, Senior Director of Social Media Strategy and Brand at Brookdale, sees a direct correlation between the governance model they implemented with Sprinklr, and the uptick in engagement.

“During COVID-19, the investment in social media governance really proved itself. We gained 80,000 followers on our local pages during 2020, most new followers being family members and friends of residents who weren’t able to visit loved ones in person during this time. It was critical the governance was in place so we were able to pivot our content strategy to align with the ever-evolving COVID guidelines,” said Puckett.

Today, 96% of Brookdale’s approximately 700 sites have an editor with access to Sprinklr. The corporate team can track posting frequency, identify high-performing content, and provide brand oversight for their social media pages. From governance models to sharing authentic and impactful content with their community of residents and families, Brookdale Senior Living’s ongoing digital transformation has helped them build the brand, one human touch at a time.


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