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How Sprinklr and LinkedIn enable a highly-scalable and seamless campaign management experience

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The Challenge

A large cloud service provider dedicates the majority of its $70 million paid advertising budget to LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network on the internet.

The company works closely with agency partners on paid ad campaigns, but limits social account access to internal stakeholders. To ensure campaigns reach critical targets, stay within budget, and are on-brand, the company needs highly-scalable workflow and publishing capabilities that have strong governance and are tightly integrated with LinkedIn’s platform.

The Solution

The cloud service provider implemented Sprinklr Marketing to manage ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

Social Advertising from Sprinklr Marketing enables the team to manage ad campaigns on LinkedIn. Agency partners build campaigns on Sprinklr then run them through the platform’s automated approval workflow. This robust governance helps the company to mitigate brand risk by ensuring all assets are reviewed in-house and receive approval from 100% of company stakeholders before publication. Once they’ve signed off, agency partners launch the campaigns via Sprinklr. LinkedIn representatives versed in Sprinklr-LinkedIn integrations work closely with company stakeholders and agency partners to get campaigns across the finish line. Sprinklr then generates automated reports from live performance data, which is represented on the engagement dashboard to which both agency and company users have access.

Sprinklr-LinkedIn integrations enable seamless campaign management experience

The cloud service provider and its agency partners leverage Sprinklr to set company-specific targeting and exclusions for their paid ad campaigns; they also leverage retargeting, a capability that has been built out for them by LinkedIn. Sprinklr’s AI-powered Smart Bidding allows the company to control costs and maximize return on ad spend, while pacing control provides real-time data on pacing throughout the life of a campaign and ensures it never goes over budget by automatically pausing it when its reached its end date or budget limit. Recently, LinkedIn provided APIs that allowed Sprinklr to build out lead generation form capabilities. This gives the cloud service provider’s agency partners access to those forms, which were previously only available natively in the LinkedIn app.

The Outcome

Thanks to the close partnership with LinkedIn and Sprinklr and to the tight integrations between their platforms, this cloud service provider was able to scale its ad spend by nearly $60 million from 2019 to 2022.

Product and feature enhancements as well as close collaboration with LinkedIn representatives enable the company and its agency partners to control and optimize costs and, importantly, provide for campaign governance. In the first seven months of 2022, 998 of the company’s overall ad campaigns were approved while 218 were rejected — evidence that approval workflows are a critical capability for the cloud service provider when it comes to paid ad activity.