Global entertainment giant doubles down on Snapchat ad campaigns
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Global entertainment giant doubles down on Snapchat ad campaigns  

Global entertainment company
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reduction in cost per signup in four weeks
decrease in cost per purchase in four weeks

The Challenge

The digital arm of a leading sports betting, iGaming and free-to-play entertainment company, with millions of players across the globe, saw an opportunity to optimize its Snapchat advertising strategy for better results.

Despite substantial ad spend, signups and purchases were not meeting expectations, prompting a strategic rethink.  Committed to optimizing ad activities and enhancing performance with a focus on ROI, the company’s digital advertising team zeroed in on a new Snapchat optimization tool: the 7-day click, 0-day view window (7/0) specifically designed for lower-funnel campaigns. This contrasted with the traditional 28-day click, 1-day view window (28/1) it had been using — but the team wondered if the 7/0 window could deliver better conversions with lower acquisition costs for the same investment.  

To find out, they turned to Sprinklr, their trusted social media management platform for three years. Together, they tested the two optimization windows against each other to see which would generate better results.  

The Solution

The entertainment company tapped into Sprinklr’s industry connections to get the most out of its investment in Snapchat.

The team implemented Sprinklr Marketing, switching on key features, such as Ads Composer and Ads Reporting, to measure performance and optimize campaigns.  

“The relationship between Sprinklr and Snapchat gave us access to the tools we needed to revitalize our advertising strategy,” says a member of the digital advertising team. “They helped our ad dollars go further, enhancing performance and improving ROI.”  

A/B testing made easy  
Sprinklr Ads Composer, which enables businesses to create ad campaigns for multiple platforms from a single dashboard, streamlined the testing process. The company built a single campaign with two identical ad sets using the same objective, budget, audience and creative, but with one key difference: the window setting of 7/0 vs. 28/1.  

These optimization windows are part of Snapchat’s Pixel Purchase goal-based bidding strategy. They communicate with Snapchat’s ads delivery system to determine which pixel events to consider — such as purchase or signup events — when determining which ads to serve to a Snapchat user. The test ran for four weeks, with the ad set using the 7/0 optimization window generating more purchases and signups at a lower cost than the 28/1 ad set.  

Real-time insights, real-time wins  
Sprinklr Ads Reporting became the team’s control center, using a mix of counter, table and graph widgets to empower data-driven decisions. The company representative says, “Sprinklr built us a customized dashboard with clear metrics to help us track campaign performance in near real time and make adjustments on the fly.”  

The Outcome

By embracing a data-driven approach and leveraging Sprinklr's marketing solutions, the entertainment company transformed its Snapchat advertising into a cost-cutting success.

The four-week test proved the effectiveness of the 7/0 window, with this ad set delivering a 29% reduction in cost per signup and a 19% decrease in cost per purchase.  The partnership between Sprinklr, Snapchat and the entertainment company shows how continuously refining your advertising strategies can yield significant results. By leveraging the right platform, the company streamlined campaign creation, management and performance tracking, maximizing the value of its investment in both Sprinklr and Snapchat.