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Global clothing retailer reduces case handling time and boosts customer satisfaction

Global clothing retailer
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The Challenge

Customer satisfaction is paramount in the competitive landscape of retail.

However, one clothing retailer found itself grappling with discontented customers, reflected in low Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores and a lack of insight into customer experiences. The company sought a technology solution that would enable it to meet and exceed its clientele’s customer service expectations and provide visibility into customers' experiences with the brand. This would enable the retailer to address issues effectively and proactively.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the clothing retailer implemented Sprinklr Service, leveraging its messaging and AI capabilities to transform its customer service operations and enhance support for its clientele.

By integrating AI-powered chatbots into its customer service operations, the retailer aimed to enhance response times and provide more personalized support to its customers. Additionally, the retailer implemented Sprinklr's surveys capability. This functionality empowers agents to directly send survey links to customers, facilitating increased response rates and enabling the company to gain important insights into emerging customer issues. This equips the brand to promptly and effectively address concerns as they arise.

The Outcome

The clothing retailer successfully transformed its customer care operations, delivering best-in-class support to its clientele.

With Sprinklr’s AI-powered customer service solution, the company achieved significant results:

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Through the adoption of messaging and AI features, the retailer experienced a 19% improvement in CSAT scores, indicating that customers were more content with the support they received.
  • Reduced Handling Time: With Sprinklr Service's streamlined processes and AI-powered automation, the retailer reduced its average handling time to 3 minutes and 17 seconds, enabling the retailer to address customer inquiries more efficiently and contributing to an overall enhancement of the customer experience.
  • Improved Visibility & Insights: By leveraging Sprinklr's surveys capability, the retailer now gains invaluable insights into customer issues and preferences. This enhanced visibility empowers the retailer to proactively identify and address emerging concerns, ultimately fostering stronger relationships with its customer base.