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Optical solutions company builds one-to-one relationships and boosts customer satisfaction  

Global Optical Solutions Company
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faster to close cases 
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A global optical solutions company has a vast portfolio that includes proprietary brands and licensed premium brands. In 2021, the company embarked on a digital transformation journey that would enable it to provide unique, personalized and seamless service to customers around the globe.  

“We’re a company who invests in our customers,” explains the company's head of social media strategy. “Our customers are not just numbers. We treat them as individuals.” The company looked for a digital solution to power its newly created social concierge. It wanted a solution that would:  

  • Unify all customer-facing social media services onto one platform — from community management to customer service to social selling 
  • Empower its Social Concierge team members to build one-on-one relationships with consumers in order to enhance brand reputation and customer sentiment 
  • Provide community managers across 30 countries and languages with a unified view of customers and prospects — and enable them to quickly respond to inbound messages on social channels  
  • Collect valuable insights that empower cross-functional stakeholders to make data-driven decisions for the business 


The company created a Social Concierge and implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer management (Unified-CXM) solution to power it, enabling the team to build one-to-one relationship with customers around the world.

The Social Concierge team consists of more than 30 community managers all over the world, engaging with consumers and prospects on social channels in more than 30 languages and across 20 brands. These teams are experts for the brands they represent and are responsible for providing a premium customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.   

As active members of the very communities they manage, the company’s social concierge teams are able to build genuine one-on-one relationships with consumers. Because they are experts in both the brand’s products and its behind-the-scenes workflows, they are able to support the customer from initial engagement to support services.  

Sprinklr Service powers this entire interaction. It provides a unified view of exactly who the customer is and how they have previously engaged with the brand and enables the community manager to communicate with them on social channels. The community manager can easily provide whatever service the customer needs, whether its support for a product they own or to purchase a new product. 
This is why it’s important that they work from a platform that allows them to engage with customers and provides them with access to the company’s customer service system, says the social media strategist.   

“Our community managers are communicating with our consumers on social media, making sure to transmit our brand values and tone of voice. But they are also supporting these customers throughout their entire journey with us.” 

By engaging with consumers before the purchasing phase — and staying with them through the after-sale experience — community managers build one-to-one relationships that boost customer satisfaction and brand reputation.  

Listening for opportunities to proactively engage with customers 
"We get a lot of insight from our one-to-one interactions with consumers,” explains the social media strategist. “But we also really value proactive social listening.”  

Social Concierge teams use Social Listening from Sprinklr Insights to stay abreast of current themes and sentiment around products as well as industry- and community-relevant topics. With Sprinklr, they’re able to monitor real-time brand mentions and spot opportunities for proactive engagement — and ensure they never miss out on key moments or topics.  


The company’s goal was to let customers know that they matter by providing truly personalized, end-to-end service — and it worked.

Since launching the Social Concierge, community managers have reduced their first-response SLAs by six hours and are closing cases four times faster than they were prior to using Sprinklr Service. Best of all, they’ve achieved a 4X increase in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).  

“Our aim was really to give a voice to the customers, and we’ve had wonderful results,” says the company’s head of social media strategy.