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Global tech company speeds up issue detection by 60 days

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A global technology company has a vast portfolio of products used by customers all over the world. Customers converse about these products in dozens of languages and across nearly every social platform, review site and digital channel you can think of.

But despite these very public discussions about its products, the company had no simple way to listen to the voice of the customer (VoC) and proactively identify potential product issues or concerns. In the event of a product-related problem, its contact centers would be inundated with inquiries. Recognizing the need for a more effective approach, company leadership sought a way to anticipate issues and, ideally, prevent customers from needing to seek support. They knew that proactive detection would not only reduce the load on the company's contact center, but, more importantly, would enable the company to quickly address issues and continuously improve its products. 

The tech company looked for a solution that would enable it to: 

  • Accelerate product issue detection and resolution 
  • Unlock opportunities for product improvement across VoC channels 
  • Integrate and unify VoC insights with its customer service platform 


The company selected and implemented Sprinklr Insights to realize its long-term vision for proactive customer service and product enhancement.

The company created a customer service roadmap that initiated with the operationalization of VoC insights to gain business value — and extended that value by seamlessly integrating with its social customer service operations.

Enhancing CX, gathering VoC insights and reducing contact center load

The company implemented Social Listening together with Product Insights and Smart Alerts. This enables it to listen to the conversations its customers are having on channels like Reddit, X and the company’s own forums. Sprinklr’s proprietary AI then filters the data to surface relevant topics and themes, as well as customer needs and suggestions. The Smart Alerts capability notifies users when it detects anomalies. 
“Sprinklr Insights allows us to get ahead of inbound customer service inquiries and realize cost savings with proactive issue detection and resolution,” explains the company's consulting partner, who helped design the solution. 

In the past, if the company were to push updates to a test group of 80,000 customer computers, and one of those updates caused computers to crash, then its contact center might get upwards of 75,000 calls and emails from customers reporting the issue. Today, Sprinklr would have already detected the issue being discussed on digital channels. The company can then promptly relay those real-time insights to its product team, who send out proactive messaging and quickly roll back the update or push out a new one. 

In another scenario, if third-party packaging creates an unexpected cosmetic flaw on a new product, and customers begin sharing their concerns on social media while unboxing their new devices, Sprinklr Insights can detect this conversation. This allows the company to swiftly address the issue at the manufacturing site and preventing further impact to customers. The company can then proactively contact affected customers to provide replacements or initiate recalls, as necessary. 

Streamlining customer service on social channels

The tech company also opted to transition to Sprinklr Service as part of its effort to streamline and enhance customer service on social channels. Its primary goal was to consolidate tools and make Sprinklr the central hub not only for listening to customers but also for caring for them. The company was already utilizing Sprinklr as a research engine and recognized the inefficiencies of maintaining a separate, siloed solution for customer care. In assessing the existing customer care experience, one significant issue the company identified was the constant need for customers to repeat themselves due to the previous siloed solution. They determined that time spent repeating themselves cost money.  
Today, the company uses Sprinklr for customer service on Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin. The AI-powered Agent Console enhances the agent and customer experience by routing cases to the agents best suited to handle them and automatically filters out spam. Soon, insights gleaned as part of the company’s social listening program will be at agents’ fingertips too, as they’ll be appended as data that can help agents when working on cases. 


The tech company has successfully sped up issue detection by as much as 60 days and fed real-time insights back to the business to improve products.

It has also unified its customer insights operation with its service platform. With Sprinklr Insights, the company now gains valuable VoC insights, enabling proactive issue resolution. By replacing a siloed solution with Sprinklr for social care, the company has streamlined support processes, eliminated inefficiencies and benefited from AI-powered customer service capabilities. This consolidation of solutions allows Sprinklr to serve as both a listening and customer care platform, reducing contact center volume and enhancing the overall customer experience.