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GO Telecom dials up customer delight, improves first response time by 90% 

Go Telecom
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500 employees
Saudi Arabia
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minutes improvement in first response time 
days improvement in ticket resolution time
increase in CSAT score

The Challenge

GO Telecom is an innovative telecommunications company based in Saudi Arabia that provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technology and services tailored to the diverse needs of its customers.

Sprinklr doesn’t have a stopping point. You’re improving continuously and, every day, you surprise us with new features and new growth.” 

Salman Saad Alghamdi
Salman Saad Alghamdi,
Customer Care Supervisor
, GO Telecom

With a proactive approach and customer-centric focus, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping the telecommunications landscape in Saudi Arabia.

GO Telecom’s Customer Care Supervisor, Salman Saad Alghamdi, is responsible for ensuring a seamless experience for the company’s customers. But bridging the gap between GO Telecom’s services and its end-users is no easy feat. 
“We were handling customers inquiries on social channels natively. Customers would try to reach us by direct message through our social accounts with no response for days due to limited availability of agents,” explains Alghamdi. “We were struggling to keep up and to give our customers the experience they expect and deserve.says Alghamdi. This led to frustration for customers and agents alike. 

The team set out to address these challenges by focusing in on three central areas: 

  • Delayed response time: Customers frequently experienced prolonged delays in receiving responses to their direct messages, resulting in dissatisfaction. 
  • Unified platform: The team aimed to streamline their operations by consolidating various social media channels onto a single platform. This move would not only reduce response times but also improve the tracking of customer interactions. 
  • Agent performance: The team wanted to empower agents to improve their performance by reducing the number of external platforms and tools they use. 

The Solution

GO Telecom evaluated several vendors, ultimately choosing Sprinklr Service Self-Serve as the best solution to meet its needs across X, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Business, email and live chat.

“We immediately chose Sprinklr for the features, the tools and the flexibility,” he explains. The platform's ability to cover various channels made it a one-stop solution for their customer service operations. Alghamdi was also impressed by the platform's robust support for chatbots and easy implementation. 

Seamless omnichannel customer support 
Sprinklr’s ability to manage comprehensive customer support on multiple channels aligned with their need for a unified hub for customer interactions. With extensive email automation, canned responses and priority-based email routing, GO Telecom could provide timely responses to customers.  

Proactive monitoring of customer sentiment 
Advanced reporting and listening capabilities now empower GO Telecom to proactively monitor customer sentiment and manage social media engagements effectively.  
Context-aware agent responses 
Customer 360 provides complete historical context of past interactions to agents. Together with customer surveys for feedback, Sprinklr Service Self-Serve empowers agents to provide context-aware responses, significantly enhancing their customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. 

Game-changing AI capabilities 
Sprinklr’s AI capabilities became a gamechanger for GO Telecom’s customer care organization. The company implemented proactive care within Sprinklr by monitoring X (formerly Twitter) conversations for any mentions of their CEO, promptly converting such mentions into tickets within the system to facilitate engagement with those messages.  

Alghamdi also leveraged Sprinklr AI to build automated workflows to recognize various contacts and adjust their status and priority.  

“It's crucial for us to be able to identify and prioritize our VIP customers' needs, so we can respond to them immediately” says Alghamdi.  

The Outcome

After implementing Sprinklr, GO Telecom experienced substantial improvement in its customer service operations. The platform enabled them to categorize responses more effectively, differentiating between inquiries and defining the urgency of cases.

GO Telecom was also able to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and track customer sentiment more effectively. The team could now measure with ease key performance indicators (KPIs), such as response time and customer satisfaction. 

Using advanced reporting, Alghamdi’s team is now able to build real-time dashboards to measure the impact of tickets and to take action, if necessary. Within six months of launch, GO Telecom saw the following impact to its business: 

  • Average CSAT score increased by 20% 
  • Average ticket closure time dropped from two days four hours to just one day and two hours 
  • Average handling time went down by 63% 
  • GO Telecom now close 75% of tickets within its SLA, vs. 11% prior to Sprinklr. 

“The platform itself is very easy for us to use. We started using it immediately after implementation without any delay,” says Alghamdi. “Sprinklr doesn’t have a stopping point. You're improving continuously and, every day, you surprise us with new features and new growth.”