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Weight care startup quickly scales social support to serve growing number of customers and prospects

Healthcare startup
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San Francisco, California
increase in volume of positive sentiment messages in 2022
decrease in average response time in 2022

The Challenge

A healthcare startup focused on affordable and accessible weight care grew so rapidly that its social support team was quickly overwhelmed with inbound messages — which they were handling natively.

“It was really inefficient, and I had no way to QA our interactions with customers and prospects or to see how our social ad messaging was landing with consumers,” explains the company’s project manager (PM) who oversees social care.

The PM looked for a digital solution that would enable the company to:

  • Quickly scale its social support operation, enabling its social care team to efficiently respond to and engage with customers and prospects in a consistent voice across social channels
  • Gain visibility into the social care team’s interactions with customers for quality assurance and training purposes
  • Gain insight into the questions and social conversations taking place about the company and its competitors to inform business and marketing decisions.

The Solution

In spring of 2022, the company implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform.

Social Care scales with growing customer support needs on social channels

Prior to implementing Sprinklr, the company’s social care team was struggling to keep up with inbound messages and comment moderation for organic and paid content across social channels. As the business grew rapidly in its first year, the team was engaging with customers on native apps and simply couldn’t keep up. With Sprinklr Service, the social care team now engages with customers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, formerly Twitter, and — soon — TikTok, all from the Sprinklr platform. They converse with customers on organic content, which the company’s social media team plans and posts to social channels using Social Sales & Engagement, while Sprinklr Marketing and Advertising allows them to also handle comment moderation on paid content. The team has already made huge gains in efficiency.

“The agents are able to look at all of the comments that are coming in, and they're able to answer those questions, facilitate conversations, and assist people who might have questions about our product,” says the PM.

Automated reporting provides transparency and informs business decisions

At the end of each week, the PM generates reports from Sprinklr that provide information about the volume and content of inbound messages and surface insights about how the company’s messaging — both paid and organic — is landing with its audience.

“If we see a massive drop in comments when we didn't have a massive drop in paid advertisements, we’ll know that maybe we need to look at that a little closer,” explains the PM. “We also look at sentiment as well as the phrases that crop up most often.” If they notice that a particular ad always elicits the same questions, they may pass a tip to the content team to create an article that addresses the question.

“With these insights, we can create better-informed content and messages, and we can help more people,” says the PM. “We’re always thinking about the messages people want and need, but Sprinklr helps us learn more about our customers and get a better understanding of what they need.”

Finally, Sprinklr Service reporting also gives the PM visibility into the social care team’s performance, with granular detail into the volume of messages and the rate at which the team is able to respond to them. With this level of detail, they can determine if an agent needs more training in a particular area as well as when it’s time to onboard more agents.

The Outcome

In the first year of using Sprinklr, the company decreased its average response time to inbound messages by 25%, while its volume of messages with positive sentiment detected increased by 815%.

The startup team has also implemented Social Listening and worked closely with their Sprinklr success manager to craft queries that enable them to listen to the relevant topics. Then, they can compare how online sentiment about the company compares to sentiment expressed about competitors. The PM plans to dig more deeply into this listening solution in the coming months. Her goal is to more easily identify trends and topics that matter most to customers and prospects, then use those insights to drive better business decisions.