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How Herning2022 leverages the value of social listening

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The 2022 ECCO FEI World Championships take place this upcoming August in Herning, Denmark. More than 30 countries applied for the honor of hosting this global equestrian event, bringing the best in jumping, dressage, para-dressage, and vaulting. Often called the “World Championship of horse riding,” it will be the largest equestrian event ever hosted in Denmark, and possibly the largest ever. FEI, the international equestrian federation in conjunction with Herning2022, is expecting more than 200K visitors from around the world and the event will be broadcast in 150 countries to nearly 200M viewers. With a large and diverse audience across a multitude of regions and cultures, it’s difficult to understand what’s being said across multiple digital channels and gain insights from the massive amount of unstructured, publicly available data.

The organizers know that building strong sponsor relationships is the key to a successful event and want to ensure the sponsors are receiving maximum value and a return on their investment. Herning2022 was searching for a way to harness social media and customer experience data to provide quantitative insights and provide feedback to the financial sponsors before, during, and after the August 2022 event. Their main challenge was finding a reliable tool to:

  • Sift through unstructured social, traditional, and web data to identify quantifiable, more actionable metrics

  • Drill down into the details of the data across several different dimensions to better understand trends

  • Automate alerts and detailed reporting to constantly monitor and respond to changes in customer sentiment

  • Synthesize social, visual, and market data to more precisely measure ROI

The organization needed a media monitoring capability that would provide sufficient coverage, attention to detail, and monthly reporting.

Herning2022 turned to Sprinklr to learn how Sprinklr Insights and AI-powered social listening capabilities could help achieve their goals and set them apart from other events.


When comparing the Sprinklr solution with other providers of media monitoring, they saw that Sprinklr Insights provides superior coverage, a high level of data granularity and insights, and a framework for reporting to their external stakeholders. “I went for the best,” says Charlotte Wetche, Head of Marketing at FEI World Championships-Herning 2022.

And with Sprinklr, they are able to realize:

  • Consistent, valid, and reliable data insights

  • Definitive source coverage

  • Highly customizable and automated reporting

“Our main goals are to fill up the stadiums, have a great championship for the riders and the public, and provide great service to our sponsors,” Charlotte Wetche says. “We want to put Denmark on the map as a great place to host large equestrian shows.” With a €20M budget, Herning2022 will make a positive financial impact on the area’s businesses and overall economy and serve as a practical use case for future events.

We live in a world with lots of digital noise and hidden, as well as unhidden messages, everywhere. We need to ensure that we give our sponsors the full value for the money they are investing in the event and that we have a full picture of the conversations. In order to do that, and in order to show it, we need a platform like Sprinklr.

Charlotte Wetche
Head of Marketing
ECCO FEI World Championships Herning - Denmark 2022


The competition opens on August 6, 2022 with dressage and vaulting held at the Stutteri Ask Stadium and Jyske Bank Boxen respectively. Jumping competitions will follow at Stutteri Ask Stadium and the Para dressage at the newly-built BB Horse Arena. The benefits to monitoring pre-event activity this far in advance is transformational for event organizations.

Herning2022 is proactively using Sprinklr for insights on what is being said leading up to the event. Through the power of social listening, the organizers know what questions are being asked and it allows them to quickly respond and participate in the conversations. They know which customers are more interested in watching dressage versus vaulting or jumping and what they are excited about. They can also understand which stories to tell, and how and where to drive their audience to maximize their reach to existing and potential participants and visitors.

“Because we’re an event, and not a product, the event’s end is where much of our work begins,” says Charlotte Wetche. “We’ll show quantifiable results to our sponsors and other stakeholders and show them exactly the value that they received.”

The partnership with Sprinklr helps Herning2022:

  • Use AI-powered insights for sentiment analysis and ensure the right messages are communicated

  • Monitor and encourage influencer activity

  • See conversations about the event in real time

  • Drive strategy and stories

  • Demonstrate brand awareness

From a professional perspective, Charlotte Wetche sees Sprinklr as a differentiator for event organizations. “Many events don’t consider the aftermath,” she says. “We are a business competing for sponsorship dollars. Providing this type of reporting allows the sponsors to see the value of their investment and encourages future sponsorships.”

Learn how Sprinklr Insights can make a difference for your organization.





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