How Lenovo Used Real-Time Twitter Data to Break Through the Noise at CES


The annual CES show in Las Vegas provides a great opportunity for brands to promote their newest technologies, but breaking through the noise and actually reaching customers is not so easy. With Twitter firehose data and Sprinklr, Lenovo was able to do just that.

The challenge

Each year, the biggest names in tech convene in Las Vegas for The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Brands unveil their newest innovations and the three day conference becomes a marketing frenzie where brands struggle to earn the attention of consumers.This year, Lenovo was able to break through and reach their customers efficiently and effectively.The technology brand sought to drive brand awareness and user engagement worldwide, for the latest selection of products through promoted content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With the help of Twitter Firehose data targeting, they succeeded.

The Solution

Breaking through the noise

With Sprinklr, the Lenovo team was able to access 2 years of historical data, including the Twitter firehose with unlimited ad hoc searches. This data allowed Lenovo to target and connect with highly tailored audiences, based on up to five years of historical engagements and queries on engagement around specific topics or hashtags. This historical data meant that Lenovo could find and target specific audiences that were much more likely to connect and interact with the brand.

Specific audience targeting at CES

The team targeted specific individuals who engaged with the brand’s Twitter account over the past 120 days. With Sprinklr’s refined data set, this target audience drove the highest engagement rate overall. A second stream targeted users who had engaged with the official CES and Lenovo CES hashtags over the past few years. Theses hashtags included #ces18, #ces17,#ces16, and #LenovoCES. Engagement in this instance was defined as retweets, replies, likes, and comments. This advertising was a great way for Lenovo to connect specifically with tech media and tap into conversations with other CES partners.

Creating buzz for targeted initiatives

Lenovo also wanted to create buzz around a few specific initiatives. During CES, Lenovo teamed up with Disney, building a Star Wars Jedi game to promote their Mirage AR headset, which was available to demo at their booth. Lenovo needed a way to draw fans to try the technology. Using the data natively, Lenovo would have only been able to target “users similar to followers,” but by utilizing the Firehose data through the Sprinklr platform, they were able to target Star Wars fans specifically.
NAF Career Academy, a national network of education and business leaders, solving some of the biggest challenges facing education, also partnered with female executives at Lenovo. NAF and Lenovo presented on a panel hoping to inspire the next generation of women in leadership by giving out valued career advice and inspiration. Through Sprinklr, Lenovo was able to target users who had engaged directly with the #STEM partnership in the past year to watch and engage with the panel.

More efficient cost per engagement, higher engagement rates

Across all of these activations, one thing became glaringly clear. Firehose audiences generated a more efficient Cost per Engagement (CPE) and a higher Engagement Rates (ER) in comparison to other targeting types. In fact, with Firehose data targeting, Lenovo decreased CPE by 73% and increased ER by 6.5X. Engagement rates also drastically increased with Firehose data. Traditional keyword and handle targeting saw just 4% and 27% of total engagements respectively, while Firehose targeting made up 44% of engagements. With Sprinklr’s access to and refinement of Twitter’s Firehose data, Lenovo was able to achieve higher engagement rates more cost effectively — even during one of the most busy advertising periods for technology companies.


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