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Middle Eastern retailer supercharges customer service and agent productivity with generative AI

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The Challenge

A Middle Eastern ecommerce retailer wanted to replace four single-point solutions across voice support, chatbots, social media and customer support ticket management.

It wanted improve the customer experience — and agent productivity — across all its geographies by bringing these critical customer service related functions onto one unified platform. The company wanted a solution that would enable it to: 

• Utilize AI and automation, at scale, to reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)  
• Reduce total case resolution time  
• Increase agent productivity 

The Solution

The ecommerce retailer implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, launching Sprinklr Service in less than eight weeks.

The short timeline enabled the company’s ecommerce customer happiness manager to quickly put Sprinklr AI+ to work — improving both agent productivity and customer satisfaction. The retailer is the first company in the Middle East to utilize Sprinklr AI+, unifies Sprinklr’s proprietary AI with generative AI from OpenAI, in the customer service. By seamlessly integrating AI into its customer service operations, the company is revolutionizing the way it engages with and assists customers.

Crafting personalized responses

The retailer’s first order of business was to update the customer service team’s email and social media responses. “We already have our own templates that we use, but paired with OpenAI, we can craft more creative responses,” he says. “It's great at giving us different sentiment options.”

With Sprinklr AI+, agents can now craft messages to customers and, within seconds, suggestions appear on the screen, enabling them to make the communication more professional, relaxed, or empathetic. The agent clicks to select the message with the most appropriate tone, which they can use as is or modify before sending to the customer. This enables agents to work quickly and with assurance that they are sending messages to customers that are polished and written in the appropriate tone.

Communicating in customers' preferred languages

Agents can also communicate with customers quickly and accurately in the customers’ preferred languages. Sprinklr AI+ translates messages in real time in English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and more. “We’re really pleased with the language translation,” says the customer happiness manager. "It’s very accurate. If we’re speaking with an Arabic customer, our agents can easily translate their messages back and forth to Arabic. OpenAI also fixes spelling and grammar errors.”

The Outcome

Within just ten days of launching Sprinklr Service with Sprinklr AI+, agents were spending less time crafting and translating responses and more time addressing complicated queries.

The company’s next step, says the customer happiness manager, is to enable seamless integration of the company’s knowledge base. Features like Reply Assistance will help agents generate or improve content with a single click, and Sprinklr AI+ will automatically extract answers from its knowledge base. “Agents only have so much time in a day, and their time should be dedicated to customers who need one-on-one assistance” says the customer happiness manager. “Agents shouldn’t have to answer the same questions for which we’ve already crafted answers.”