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Middle Eastern fashion retailer delivers couture customer service powered by AI

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The Challenge

The customer happiness manager of a prominent Middle Eastern fashion e-commerce retailer says customer satisfaction and retention are the most important metrics he tracks.

“It's critical we keep our customers happy because if you are satisfied with the service, you will tell your family and friends,” he says. The fragmentation caused by relying on four different technology solutions led to inefficiencies in workflow and increased operational complexities. It hindered the team's ability to provide cohesive and seamless customer service.  

To enhance customer satisfaction, the company sought a solution with the following objectives: 

  1. Streamlined Tools: Consolidate tools and minimize point solutions to reduce costs, streamline time management across multiple platforms, and enhance the overall experience for agents. 
  2. AI and Automation Integration: Implement AI and automation at scale to decrease Average Handling Time (AHT), expedite issue resolution and improve service to customers. 
  3. Unified Data Management: Integrate data from all customer interactions and extend insights across various departments such as warehouse and logistics, facilitating faster and more effective customer service. 
  4. Operational Continuity: Ensure minimal business disruptions with seamless operational transitions and minimal interruptions.

The Solution

The fashion retailer implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, replacing four single-point solutions across voice support, chatbots, social media and customer support ticket management.

The customer service team onboarded and launched Sprinklr Service in under eight weeks.

Providing seamless, omnichannel customer service
The retailer's global customer service center oversees support for over 80 brands, each operating with its own brand management system. Prior to integrating Sprinklr, agents had to navigate through 24 different screen instances across various customer care solutions, leading to a fragmented customer experience, inefficiencies for agents and prolonged resolution times. Sprinklr Service transformed their contact center by consolidating tools and empowering agents to deliver seamless support. Chatbots ensure continuous availability and responsiveness for a smooth customer service journey. 

  • Enabling WhatsApp. Despite the team's efforts to engage customers across channels, they faced challenges incorporating WhatsApp as a communication channel, due to the absence of chatbot capabilities. Sprinklr simplified this process, enabling the seamless launch of WhatsApp as a service channel.    
  • Toll-free calling with Sprinklr Voice. Previously, the company's voice support solution provided a subpar experience for customers in some countries, lacking a toll-free number and forcing customers to incur international call charges. Sprinklr Voice resolved this issue, offering toll-free support and empowering agents to personalize interactions with efficient access to customer data.   
  • Reducing cart abandonment rates. Personalized campaigns targeting customers with abandoned carts have been instrumental in driving conversions, with Outbound Voice, enabling agents to engage the right audience and collect real-time data for improved targeting. As a result, the contact center successfully reduced the cart abandonment rate from 10-11% to 5-6% within just five months.

Enabling efficiency to reduce costs and time
While customer service agent productivity went up after consolidating technology solutions onto one platform, the performance of supporting teams — like IT and engineering — has also improved. “Having multiple solutions and systems in place means that you have multiple internal and external contacts. When something goes wrong, you have a question, or need to make a change, you’re doing that across multiple systems,” says the company’s head of customer support. "Sprinklr has saved us about $8,000 per month in technology fees and provides IT, engineering and me with a single point of contact. This saves us time and effort.” 

Elevating the customer experiences with AI and chatbots
By deploying Conversational AI through Sprinklr's chat and voice bots, the company empowered customers to self-serve, even outside of traditional business hours. Identifying top contact drivers amenable to automation enabled customers to resolve issues independently, freeing up agents to tackle more complex issues. As a result, the contact center slashed resolution time by an impressive 175%, dropping from six days to just 1.8 days.  

“AI helps us respond to customers’ common questions like, ‘where is my order?’ ‘how can I initiate return?’ and ‘how can I exchange a product?' It was important for us to implement chatbots and AI immediately,” says the customer support head.  

The retailer has taken a pioneering step in the region by implementing Sprinklr AI+. Within days of implementation, the company saw huge time savings, as agents now spend less time crafting or translating responses and more time on complicated queries.
“Right now, we are using it for updating our responses to customers in email and social media. It's great at giving us different sentiment options, for example, if we want to be empathetic, we can select that tone,” says the head of customer support. “We already have our own templates that we use, but paired with Sprinklr AI+, we can craft more creative responses.”  
Another significant advantage to AI+ is the seamless language translation capability, Generative AI enables customer service agents to translate messages in English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and more. Given that the retailer’s agents interact with customers from various countries, ensuring accurate translation of responses is critical. 

Unifying reporting for enhanced visibility and decision-making
Previously, the retailer faced challenges in reporting and gaining valuable insights due to the use of multiple single-point solutions. The team had to manually consolidate data that was siloed across these systems, and they struggled with low visibility across teams. The lack of a centralized system caused delays and hindered efficient communication.  

With Sprinklr’s unified platform, customer issues and tickets are now assigned to and resolved by multiple departments like warehouse and logistics alongside customer service. This ensured that requests and issues were promptly addressed, and updates are made visible to everyone within the organization. This transparency allows for improved collaboration, faster decision-making, and a more cohesive work environment.

The Outcome

By consolidating four single-point technology solutions onto Sprinklr, the retailer estimates it’s saving $100,000 a year in technology costs and even more in workforce costs.

This translates to approximately $8,000 saved per month in technology expenses alone. Moreover, leveraging Sprinklr's advanced AI-driven capabilities has led to a notable 50% decrease in customer service abandonment rate, reflecting a significant enhancement in customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Additionally, the implementation of Sprinklr has resulted in an impressive 175% decrease in case resolution time, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the new unified system powered by AI. These substantial savings and efficiency gains underscore the company’s unwavering dedication to improving the customer experience through cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement initiatives.