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A Middle Eastern telecommunications company reduces case resolution time by 93% with Sprinklr Service

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minute SLA achieved across 16 countries


reduction in first response time in one year


reduction in case resolution time in one year


A Middle Eastern telecommunications company offers premium international services, high speed internet, ADSL, and fixed landline services. It’s known for best-in-class customer care — but it wanted to do even better. In order to further reduce customer service SLAs and customer churn, it sought a customer experience management solution that would enable it to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by addressing customer queries and concerns as quickly as possible

  • Have visibility into agent-customer interactions for QA purposes

  • Monitor relevant online conversations and gain real-time understanding of customer sentiment toward the brand


Automated Routing ensures speedy customer service

As a first step in improving the customer experience, the company targeted its inbound messages on social channels. It wanted to respond to customers and resolve their issues more quickly. To do this, it implemented Automated Routing from Sprinklr Service, which uses AI to classify inbound messages as engageable or non-engageable. After tagging, engageable messages are automatically routed to those agents best equipped to handle them.

“We sort out the entries to see if they are an inquiry, complaint, or just a social comment,” explains the company’s digital project manager. “Once the messages are tagged by Sprinklr, the team is able to then identify and engage with those that require a response.”

Sprinklr then routes the queries to agents best suited to respond, based on their skillset. “It could be language or product knowledge,” explains the project manager. “Other times, they are routed to the best possible person from a load management perspective, particularly during heavy traffic periods.”

Sprinklr’s AI engine serves as a virtual gatekeeper for the company’s customer service queues — making sure no agent wastes time on irrelevant messages and that customer concerns are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Agent Assist augments agent interactions and improves productivity

Once a case reaches a member of the customer care team, the company wants its agents to be equipped with modern tools that enable them to handle more cases, more effectively, and without compromising the personalized experience customers want. To this end, the company also leverages AI-powered Agent Assist, which instantly analyzes agent-customer interactions and provides suggested responses, so that agents can give appropriate responses to customers without having to search or type out answers to common questions from scratch.

“This has been quite helpful to our care team that troubleshoots customer issues and has enabled us to reduce our SLA times,” says the project manager.

Better transparency improves quality assurance

While Sprinklr has enabled more efficient customer service for the company’s customers, it has also created better transparency into the customer care team’s work. Prior to Sprinklr Service, the project manager says, the lack of visibility into detailed agent-customer interactions also led to a lack of quality assurance.

“We couldn’t see how agents were managing the queries that poured in,” he says. With no insight into those interactions, it was difficult to know what was going on in those conversations and how to improve the customer experience.

“But since implementing Sprinklr Service, we’ve seen improvements in our CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores with more quality interactions between agents and customers,” he says.

Staying on top of conversations for continuous business growth

Monitoring for brand mentions and relevant conversations across social channels is a challenging task. This is why the company uses Sprinklr Insights to stay abreast of how people are engaging with the brand.

“I could not imagine how we would be able to do this natively without having a proper platform and configuration for social media management,” says the project manager. “It certainly can’t be done without Sprinklr.”

The company’s public relations team is currently exploring using Social Listening to monitor how the brand shows up on news websites and social accounts.


Today, the telecommunications company supports nearly 30 million subscribers in the Middle East. Since its partnership with Sprinklr began in 2015, it has:

  • Achieved a four-minute SLA for public comments on social channels and a 10-minute SLA for private messages where more technical troubleshooting is required

  • Reduced churn by providing consistent support across digital channels customers prefer

  • Increased customer retention by using real-time, AI-driven predictors of customer satisfaction for agent-customer engagement

  • Gained real-time understanding of brand awareness, product perception, customer loyalty, and user satisfaction with its products and services

Moving forward, the project manager says there are two tracks that the company is taking in its use of Sprinklr. “The first is maximizing the current value of our existing capabilities, as I believe there are still areas where we can improve internally in leveraging all the amazing functions that Sprinklr offers,” he says.

The second involves tapping into newer capabilities to further strengthen the company’s customer service and marketing efforts. “Every quarter, we have a call to discuss these two things, to make sure that we are exploring and maximizing the opportunities we have with Sprinklr.”


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