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How Performics unifies real-time campaign execution across 6 digital channels

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The Challenge

In the telecommunications and media industry, competition for the hearts and minds of customers is fierce. Technology and streaming services are costly for companies — they must constantly upgrade and maintain infrastructure while investing in customer service capabilities that best serve their tech-savvy consumers.

One well-known global telecommunications company called on the Publicis Groupe agency, Performics, to help execute its vision for connected, personal, trusted, and real-time customer experience.

Together with Performics, this company set out to change the way it executes key aspects of its marketing and advertising strategy in order to drive new business.

This telecom company and Performics needed a unified solution to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly between brand and agency with a single source of truth
  • Increase return on ad spend (ROAS) across campaigns
  • Reduce costly and time-consuming manual campaign optimizations
  • Speed up the onboarding process for managed channels
  • Create granular, custom reporting dashboards

The Solution

Performics chose Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform and Sprinklr Marketing to revolutionize their campaigns.

Using Smart Budget Allocation, Performics was able to pull AI-powered insights into their ad spend and make real-time optimizations based on metrics from their campaigns. Using Sprinklr’s AI, the teams were able to drastically reduce time spent on manual and complex optimizations across multiple campaigns, lines of business, and channels.

Sprinklr Marketing also gave this organization and Performics the tools they needed to:

  • Increase campaign performance with Sprinklr’s listening-based creative insights, AI-powered budget and bid optimizations, audience integrations, and smart triggers.
  • Improve productivity with automated workflows and collaborate seamlessly with agencies and teams using intelligent workflows, shareable campaign insights, and reporting dashboards on one platform.
  • Minimize global brand risk and act fast when it matters most with campaign-level Crisis Switch, governed account access, centralized creative libraries, pre-configured ad details, and automated approvals.

The Outcome

By collaborating on a Unified-CXM platform, Performics is able to seamlessly publish across six social channels for their client. The adoption of Sprinklr allows for quicker onboarding for new users and reduces room for errors that may occur when navigating multiple native workflows.

Leveraging Sprinklr's Smart Budget Allocation has given us the ability to more effectively allocate budgets on platforms where we have previously managed allocations manually.

Christian Headshot
Christian Arrington,
Media Director
, Performics

Sprinklr’s unique tagging structure allows this organization to understand how key audiences and creatives are performing in the market and gives a complete view of campaign performance with customized, granular reporting.

Performics uses Sprinklr’s Social Listening to identify users as part of targeting. This organization relies heavily on Sprinklr for comment moderation across all paid and organic content to mitigate brand risk.

Performics improved campaign performance and efficiencies with Smart Budget Allocation. Automated campaign optimization allows budget shifts based on real-time performance using AI-powered reinforcement learning. For example, on SnapChat, Performics was able to lower the cost per swipe to -41% of the campaign benchmark and increase incremental swipes by 31,000+.

With continuous shifts in the marketplace, Sprinklr helps companies like this global telecommunications organization transform the way they listen to, reach, and engage customers, while giving agency partners like Performics the tools they needs to execute impactful campaigns, effectively collaborate, and drive new business values.

A unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for social advertising eliminates the barriers to successful campaigns. When media teams plan, execute, analyze, and optimize ads with a centralized data source for omnichannel and third-party analytics, they can transform ad spend into relevant campaigns that drive high-quality conversions.

Learn how your organization can build strong agency partnerships with Sprinklr Marketing.