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Tech company empowers global employees as brand advocates and thought leaders

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The Challenge

A cutting-edge SaaS company drives profitable growth for global industry leaders through state-of-the-art AI technology.

In a quest to magnify its messaging, the company sought a technology solution that would empower employees to effortlessly share brand-approved content on their own their own social media accounts. A robust and easy-to-use employee advocacy solution would enable the company to harness its workforce to build brand awareness and credibility — and empower sellers to engage with prospects while establishing themselves as thought leaders. "We had used other advocacy tools in the past,” explains the company’s digital marketing manager. "But we were looking for a new solution that would be a better experience for our employees and that we would have an easier time managing.”

The Solution

The tech company implemented Sprinklr Advocacy to expand on the success they were already having with Sprinklr Social, Sprinklr Insights and Sprinklr Marketing. This would enable them to unify social publishing and engagement, social listening, social advertising and employee advocacy onto one platform.

Customizable and user-friendly interface 
"I really enjoy how you can really build anything you want and make it make sense for your work system and what you're trying to do,” says the digital marketing manager. A highly customizable solution, the company has tailored Sprinklr Advocacy to its needs. The internal employee platform maintains the company’s brand and identity. When an employee sets up an account, they can specify their role, department, interests and experiences. This information allows for targeted content delivery to employees, ensuring they receive relevant material tailored to their specific interests and roles for sharing on their social accounts. The marketing manager says Sprinklr’s Advocacy interface makes it easy for her to select and send posts to specific teams in order to share with their networks — using visually-appealing and customizable email templates to do so. 

Driving brand awareness 
With more than 350 employees signed on to the advocacy platform in the first eight months, the manager says employees are already helping to amplify brand messaging and boost website traffic. One of the benefits of pre-loading the content is that posts have already properly tagged the company and contain optimized hashtags. But one other notable impact has been heightened awareness of company activities, achievements and events. As a global company operating in diverse geographies, this is proving invaluable to company culture. 

Empowering sellers on LinkedIn 
While the company’s advocacy strategy is to have employees from across the organization as active users on the platform, the advocacy solution is also proving invaluable for the sales team. It helps them to connect and engage effectively with prospects and position themselves as thought leaders in their field. Leveraging the preloaded content feature, sellers easily share relevant materials, such as customer case studies and information about upcoming B2B events. This streamlined process not only enhances their online presence on LinkedIn but also enables them to foster meaningful connections within their professional networks. By providing a user-friendly interface for sharing curated content, Sprinklr Advocacy empowers them to navigate the digital landscape with ease and authenticity.

The Outcome

The company's leadership team has enthusiastically embraced the new advocacy program, providing crucial support that has significantly strengthened its impact and effectiveness.

“Comments we've heard from employees are that it’s easiest tool they've used and that they’re really pleased with how little it takes to go in and schedule your posts for the week,” says the marketing manager. 

In the advocacy dashboard, she tracks adoption, posts shared, reach and engagement rate — as well as earned media value. In the first year, her goal was simply to build the program and increase adoption. In the second year, she is focused on scaling and evangelizing the value of the program across the company.