Sprinklr uses certain Sub-processors (including members of the Sprinklr group and other third parties, as listed below) to provide assistance in delivering Sprinklr’s customer experience and social media management platform.  Sub-processors may obtain limited customer data only to deliver the services Sprinklr has retained them to provide and are prohibited from using customer personal data for any other purposes.  Sprinklr undertakes to use a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy, and confidentiality practices of Sub-processors that will or may have access to or process customer personal data. 

The following is an up-to-date list of the names, the purpose of processing and locations of Sprinklr’s Sub-processors. These Sub-processors shall be approved and consented to by Customers.

Sprinklr will make updates to this list from time to time.  Please subscribe to receive notice of updates:

Updates to the Subprocessor List:

Sprinklr may update this list from time to time, and customers should subscribe to receive updates of that notice using the link above. Customers should receive notice of any changes to this list at least 30 days in advance of Sprinklr granting access to customer’s personal data to a new sub-processor (except for Emergency Replacements, which are sudden replacement of Sub-processor where such change is outside of Sprinklr’s reasonable control, such as if the sub-processor ceases business, abruptly discontinues services, or breaches its contractual duties). In he case of an Emergency Replacement, Sprinklr will inform customers of the replacement Sub-processor as soon as possible and the process to formally appoint such Sub-processor defined above shall be triggered.

If, after receiving notice, customers have a legitimate, material reason to object to Sprinklr’s use of a sub-processor, notice of the objection should be provided to Sprinklr via email at privacy@sprinklr.com within fifteen (15) days after receipt of Sprinklr’s notice.  If there is an objection to a Sub-processor, Sprinklr can cure the objection by: (i) aborting its plans to use the Sub-processor with regard to that customer’s personal data; or (ii) taking corrective steps by in to address the issue and remove the objection and proceed to use the Sub-processor; or (iii) ceasing to provide, or customer may agree not to use, (temporarily or permanently) the particular aspect of the service that would involve use of the Sub-processor.  If there is no objection, the Sub-processor will be considered agreed to by the customer in accordance with our data protection agreements.

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