Industry Insights and Competitive Intelligence

Future-proof your business with AI-driven insights on industry and competitors

Gain a competitive edge with insights on market trends, opportunities, threats, consumer preferences, and industry best practices across 30+ social and digital channels.

Industry Insights and Competitive Intelligence

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Leverage AI to transform data into actionable Insights

Harnessing timely, accurate and accessible data is paramount for business success. However, uncovering actionable insights within a specific industry across many competitors requires extensive data collection, cleaning, and reporting, making it time-consuming. AI can help brands present industry and competitor data in a clear and actionable format, helping them make informed business decisions in real time.

Comprehensive Insights powered by industry-leading AI
Sprinklr offers a unified platform that enables businesses to efficiently set up, gather, analyze, report, and distribute insights, providing a holistic and timely view of the market and key competitors.
Say goodbye to complex queries
Our AI-powered setup wizard guides users effortlessly with minimal input, simplifying the setup process. It effortlessly creates tailored industry data around specific trends, competitors, or topics without the need for complex Boolean queries.
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The power of our unified platform

Our industry-best data coverage, AI-powered setup, generative AI-powered insight summaries, and centralized, real-time dashboards make Sprinklr a truly comprehensive Industry and competitive intelligence platform.

Industry-leading data coverage

Our largest repository of publicly available unstructured data from over 30+ social media, news, and blogs helps us offer holistic insights about your industry and competitors.

AI-powered OOTB Insights

Our solution leverages Generative AI to make consumption of insights quicker and more accessible by offering a concise but comprehensive glance into the industry and competitive landscape.

Enterprise-grade listening

By analyzing petabytes of data and producing billions of predictions each day, we are able to offer comprehensive and accurate insights through real-time data categorization and reporting, without relying on sampling.

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