Advertising that is efficient, effective, and delivers

amazing customer experiences


Sprinklr provides an efficient solution that increases the effectiveness of your advertising program. Integrate paid efforts with owned and earned to deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences.

Social Advertising


  • Use integrated data to inform paid and organic content strategies
  • Ensure audiences see messages consistent to their customer journey


  • Increase collaboration between organic and paid business silos and agencies with an integrated platform
  • Consolidate reporting across paid, owned, and earned activities


  • Automatically optimize or amplify content based on a flexible set of rules in real-time
  • Dynamically adjust budget allocation based on specific metrics and KPI’s


Smarter Advertising for Better Results

Sprinklr gives you the confidence to execute campaigns knowing you’ll be increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and delivering consistent experiences to your customers.

  • Uncover campaign opportunities and increase revenue
  • Automate ad optimization to save time and efficiency
  • Confidently govern teams to reduce risk and protect brand health

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Social Media Advertising, Paid Social Advertising

Sprinklr Supported Advertising Channels


Sprinklr is excited to announce our integration with LINE. With access to LINE through the only enterprise software platform that helps brands manage owned, earned, and paid social media all in one place, previously siloed teams — from marketing to customer care to sales — can better collaborate to gain a holistic view of each customer and serve them across channels.

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