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Drive better ROAS with high-impact creatives

Produce ad assets that resonate with your audience with the best of ad creation tools, at-scale publishing and AI-powered campaign analytics.
Creative Optimization Hero

The only end-to-end platform built for enterprise advertising teams

Replace multiple tools with one unified platform

Unified platform

Streamline campaign planning, execution and engagement across paid and organic initiatives — all under one roof. 

Manage all your channels from a single place

Broadest channel coverage

Monitor comments on your paid social media posts on 10+ channels with unified reporting across paid and owned media.


AI-powered campaign optimization

Unlock deep insights and actionability for better-performing assets, dynamic creative optimization and ad rotation. 

Maximize creative performance with AI and automation

Create high-impact ads at scale

Create on-brand ads that resonate with different audience segments using Sprinklr's highly customizable image and video templates. Use AI to optimize your ads dynamically, showing the most impactful ones to your target audience. Take a creative-first approach to your ad strategy and watch your conversion rates thrive.

Create at scale

Elevate creative efficiency with AI-powered pre-flight asset scoring

Generate predictive scores for creatives based on brand guidelines and past performance. Use this as a guide to ensure all creatives align with objectives and reduce production expenses while elevating ROAS.

Elevate creative efficiency with AI-powered pre-flight asset scoring

Adopt a data-driven strategy for better ROAS

Harness Sprinklr’s AI-powered creative insights to analyze your ads down to the last detail. Go as granular as evaluating the aspect ratios and background color to drive better creative direction and produce winning ads every single time.

Adopt a data-driven strategy for better ROAS

Ensure adherence to channel guidelines

Trust Sprinklr’s robust integration with channel partners to bring in native ad optimization capabilities. Meet every channel's benchmarks consistently. Ensure that only the best-performing ad variants are displayed to your audience based on their preferences. Gain actionable insights by analyzing the channel-specific performance of your creatives.

Ensure adherence to channel guidelines

Avoid the risk of off-brand imagery

Eliminate manual effort in identifying non-compliant creatives and use AI-powered checks to ensure that your creatives align with your brand guidelines, briefs and channel best practices.

Avoid the risk of off-brand imagery

Turn advertising effort into measurable business impact

Protect marketing ROI

Improved ROAS

Sprinklr has helped a global automobile manufacturer improve ad click-through rates by 1.5x, increasing ROAS by 55%.

Execute efficiently and at scale

Efficient execution at scale

The world's largest alcoholic beverage company recovered $1.2M of re-investable marketing budget with Sprinklr.

Centralize brand governance

Assured brand protection

A global media and entertainment company was able to centralize and govern 100+ ad accounts across 30 markets on Sprinklr. 

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