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Sprinklr Intuition™

It takes more than AI to capture and analyze CX data at enterprise scale. It takes Sprinklr Intuition™.

Not all AI is created equal. Sprinklr’s proprietary artificial intelligence capabilities process oceans of unstructured customer experience data from 30+ digital channels and millions of data sources — helping enterprises capitalize on actionable insights at unprecedented scale to identify and understand trends, drive better-informed business decisions, and make their own customers happier.

9 out of the top 10 most valuable brands trust Sprinklr.

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Unlock 10B daily AI predictions covering 2B customer profiles across 30+ digital channels.

Sprinklr Intuition lies at the heart of the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, leveraging industry-specific AI models that span 75+ languages across 150 countries to process petabytes of unstructured text, audio, video, image, metrics, and time series data. 

Custom-built to serve the needs of the enterprise, Sprinklr Intuition seamlessly integrates multiple branches of machine learning that get smarter with each new datapoint — helping brands capture critical insights on products and locations; reveal customer sentiment and intent; and identify the best course of action in real time.

Power productivity with a unified approach.

Brands can’t afford to let siloed data slow the pace of business. Sprinklr Intuition unlocks your ability to launch, manage, and measure high-impact campaigns with features like Smart Insights, which helps teams pinpoint and act on top drivers for all dashboard metrics.

Optimize ROAS, revenue, and CSAT.

Drive business growth with real-time voice of the customer insights — by leveraging Smart CSAT Predictions to help your agents deliver better customer experiences, and by controlling costs and maximizing your returns with Smart Bidding.

Protect your brand reputation at every touchpoint.

Sprinklr Intuition helps businesses proactively detect and manage issues before they become crises — with features like Smart Alerts, which analyzes brand conversations and proactively notifies teams of trends or changes, and enterprise-grade governance. 

Intuition works across all Sprinklr products to bring Unified-CXM to life.

What makes Sprinklr AI different? Sprinklr Intuition’s deep machine learning algorithms work in eight distinct and powerful branches to integrate petabytes of unstructured data from 30+ digital and social channels (and millions of data sources) on a single, unified platform — continuously learning from your customer data and translating it into structured, actionable insights that helps brands create better customer experiences at scale.

AI powered by machine learning on a Unified-CXM platform gives you the power to learn from customer data and experiences in real time, and deploy those insights across your entire enterprise to make customers happier.

AI - Intuition works across all Sprinklr products to bring Unified-CXM to life.

“We were immediately impressed by how accurate the model was, right off the bat. The results were pretty staggering — within the first six months, we hit 95% accuracy. There’s really no telling what we can’t do with Sprinklr Intuition. We continue to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo, and it rises to the occasion every time.”

Tyler Smith

Senior Program Manager, Commercial Sales and Marketing Engineering, Microsoft

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