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Power of Sprinklr AI

Sprinklr uses the industry’s most advanced AI and machine learning to cut through the noise and pull valuable insights using seven layers of AI processing. Sprinklr AI makes five billion predictions every day.


The Scale of Sprinklr AI

Compare your company against the industry's only digital CXM benchmarks

150 billion AI predictions made every month

500+ standard AI models

250+ customer-specific AI models

Built for 40+ industry verticals

38+ languages supported

80%+ prediction accuracy

Why Sprinklr AI?

Primary Use Cases Driving Positive Business Outcomes

AI inModern Marketing


Insights Extract insights from industry data to inform your campaign strategy

Content Theme Identify which content theme and tone resonates with prospective customers


AI-based SAM filters Identify assets using AI-based SAM filtering

Similar Assets Reuse top-performing assets more effectively through a unified, shared-asset manager.


Content Compliance AI-based content compliance reduces iterations between brands and agencies

Audience Resonance Check if the content created will resonate with target customers or not


Reporting on Content Theme and Tone Identify top themes by engagement and top insights in user comments

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