Innovative marketing and AI leadership: Paul Fasterling’s impact at Estafeta Mexicana

Jaimie Selwa

June 18, 20243 min read

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Estafeta Mexicana Marketing Coordinator Paul Fasterling has been captivated by the digital world for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a tech-savvy household—his father founded a software company before he was born — computers, electronic gadgets, and the internet have always been an integral part of his life.

We recently caught up with Paul, who pioneered the use of AI in the Mexican logistics company's marketing and customer care departments. We wanted to learn more about his lifelong passion for technology, his innovative marketing strategies at Estafeta and his plan for adventure on the Mexico’s beautiful backroads 

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Tell us about yourself and your role at Estafeta.

I’m a 29-year-old industrial engineer who has always been interested in digital marketing. I just got engaged to my fiancée with whom I live alongside our two cats. At Estafeta, I’m responsible for the companys digital marketing strategy as well as communication and customer care strategies. We currently manage a total of 13 accounts across all social networks. 

What are some of the key objectives you focus on when developing marketing strategies? 

We always think about the client’s perception in everything we do, since we are a company that provides services. We know that clients will use our social networks to ask questions about their shipments and resolve any issues they have, so we aim to be where they are in order to provide the best possible customer experience.

Tell us about a successful marketing campaign you've worked on.

One campaign I’ve worked on was “EnBio,” which is our carbon footprint reduction program. This was a very effective campaign, as there are still very few companies in Mexico making direct investments to reduce their carbon footprints, so our clients loved seeing our commitment to sustainability. 

How does your team use Sprinklr platform, and what’s the most interesting thing you’ve done on the platform?

We use Sprinklr to streamline our content grid approval process, enhance our best-in-class customer care program, benchmark performance, monitor our points of sale and generate leads. One of the best things we've done recently is creatie a proactive care strategy that allows us to interact with customers on social media without them having to tag us directly. 

What trends do you see in AI technology that will shape the future of digital marketing? 

We're already seeing a shift in digital marketing, but I believe the next big step is developing a connected knowledge base about clients. Imagine having a digital twin AI that can A/B/C test campaigns and predict the best ones before they are launched. 

As far as content marketing, there's a need for improvement. Currently, a lot of content generated by tools like ChatGPT feels robotic and dull. We need to find a way to blend creativity with automation to create more engaging and vibrant content. 

What do you love most about working at Estafeta Mexicana?

I like that Estafeta, being a family-owned Mexican company, has grown enough to be a direct competitor to large global companies, like DHL and FedEx, but maintains this essence of being a family company. 

What’s your Sprinklr pro-tip?

Use your macros. Build the dashboards. Connect your platforms. 

What’s next on your personal bucket list? 

Buying a motorcycle and traveling with my soon-to-be wife on our beautiful Mexican roads.

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