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Estafeta improves customer support SLA by 60 percent and brings best-in-class logistical services to omnichannel experience

Estafeta Mexicana
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Mexico City, Mexico
improvement in SLA in two years
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The Challenge

Mexican logistics integrator, Estafeta Mexicana, sought a technology solution that would enable it to meet and exceed rising customer expectations with a lean team.

The company offers best-in-class logistical services to customers and suppliers in Mexico and several parts of the U.S. and competes with global logistics giants like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Due to heightened demand for logistics services during the pandemic, Estafeta has nearly doubled in size since 2020.

In order to meet rising customer expectations with a lean team, the company embarked on a journey to unify all its digital channels and create a consistent, omnichannel customer experience. In addition, its marketing team wanted to be more efficient at responding to and resolving customer inquiries across modern channels — while maintaining a human touch at all levels of communication.

In short, Estafeta was looking for an integrated technology solution that would:

  • Unify all social channels and integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing tech stack
  • Automate social support, scheduling, and publishing to reduce costs and inefficiencies
  • Enable performance benchmarking and insights for better service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Deliver a true omnichannel experience to customers, followers, and prospects

The Solution

Estafeta implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform and brought its entire customer experience solution in-house.

“Thanks to Sprinklr, I’ve been able to create an internal digital agency within Estafeta,” says Paul Fasterling, digital marketing coordinator at Estafeta.

Being truly omnichannel, Sprinklr enables Fasterling to integrate multiple social platforms — Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and, soon, TikTok — into one unified platform.

With a lean team of three community managers, he is now able to handle incoming requests from all channels and locations while improving SLAs. Here’s how they do it:

  • Intelligent Case Management routes requests to the right agent at the right time to ensure always-on support.
  • Canned Responses enable customer support teams to deliver quick, templatized responses with a degree of personalization.
  • Sprinklr’s AI engine provides timely data that helps Estafeta gauge customer sentiment and modulate its support strategy in real-time.

Proactive Social Listening from Sprinklr Insights provides the Estafeta team with insights into conversations and complaints across social channels, even if the company is not directly mentioned. Consequently, the team is able to respond promptly to owned as well as earned mentions, avoiding escalation and churn.

Estafeta also uses Competitive Benchmarking for rapid categorization of requests and to compare its performance to other global logistics companies across three metrics: number of followers, number of impressions, and number of interactions on posts.

Social Publishing and Engagement from Sprinklr’s Sprinklr Social product suite enables the marketing team to collaborate easily on social content. Working from a common platform, team members run all content through approval workflows to ensure positive, on-brand messaging before publishing to Estafeta’s social channels.

The Outcome

Within two years of using Sprinklr, Estafeta improved its customer support SLA by 60%, placing it among the top three in the industry for SLA performance.

Thanks to Sprinklr, I’ve been able to create an internal digital agency within Estafeta. That has been our biggest achievement and an initiative that my superiors are really proud of. The platform has provided us with enough data to reach customers that may be experiencing some trouble without directly mentioning it. That’s a huge advantage.”

Paul Fasterling
Paul Fasterling,
Digital Marketing Coordinator
, Estafeta Mexicana

In addition, Sprinklr’s AI capabilities have proven to be 95% accurate in monitoring potential brand crises and brand affinity. With Sprinklr powering support, social publishing, and scheduling, Estafeta now manages end-to-end digital marketing in-house, resulting in lower overheads for the company. As the company continues to grow, it’s goal is to expand its reach on social platforms, incorporate more automation practices, and increase visibility in the global market.