Sprinklr Display

Transform data into insightful, impactful experiences.

Tell a story with live data.

Sprinklr Display is a powerful digital signage product designed to help tell stories with live data. Gathering insights, analysis, and unique content from social and other sources, Sprinklr Display makes digital signage easy. Using a formatting capability called Storyboard, Sprinklr Display presents data in compelling narratives to produce truly engaging experiences.

Source data from 24 channels across 400 Metrics and 200 Dimensions.

Gather data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, news sites, blogs, and many other sources to power experiences that incorporate the channels that are most important to your brand. With over 400 built-in metrics and 200 built-in dimensions, Sprinklr Display provides access to an incredible variety of brand data.

Model business specific data.

Go beyond standard models and create custom dimensions and metrics tailored to your specific brand needs. See which emojis fans are using when mentioning your new product, or find out what competitors are mentioned most in comparison shopping. Sprinklr Display’s data editor empowers brands with multiple data modeling options including filters, dimension, metrics, group-by’s, and much much more.

Make every screen interactive with touch.

Not only is Sprinklr Display responsive and designed to be used on mobile devices, it also comes with a powerful mobile remote web app that can be used on any smartphone or tablet. With the mobile remote, brands can effortlessly navigate around data and dive into specific details on the fly. With your phone or tablet as your interface, every screen is now controlled by touch.

Amplify the conversation.

Engage audiences with compelling brand and user content experiences. Share calls-to-action to join the conversation via a hashtag, set up a hashtag voting contest, enable shoppers to see how fans are enjoying specific products, or bring the marketing team together to watch campaigns unfold. No matter the venue, Sprinklr Display makes it easy to drive engagement and highlight results.

Deliver truly on-brand experiences

Sprinklr Display offers sophisticated design capabilities, with dozens of modern templates to visualize data or content and a style editor for visual fine tuning. All style editor options provide a live, pixel-perfect preview to ensure you’ll know exactly how your display will look.

Choose from dozens of modern templates to tailor each experience.

Design with code.

Built in CSS, JavaScript, and JSON editors enable design pros to take their designs to a whole new level. Manipulate code and preview design changes in real time with a side-by-side design experience. If you can code it, you can bring it to life with Sprinklr Display. Brands can even bring in outside data sources with the JavaScript editor.

Use Storyboard to craft a compelling and comrehensive story.

Manage displays across the world.

Sprinklr Display offers a built-in display manager for screen installations across the globe. The display manager has direct access to each single display or display wall, making it easy to change content from any location. Sprinklr Display was designed and tested with a wide range of digital signage players including hardware by Ideacage, Brightsign, Cisco, and more.

Manage multiple displays from around the world in place.