Driving Change with Unified-CXM

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Amit Bhatia, Noritaka Wakuda, Margi Lynn

60 minutes

Customers now have more channels than ever available to engage with brands... but they’re not any happier. Why? Because they want brand experiences that move seamlessly from social media interactions to customer service inquiries — but enterprises are struggling to deliver.

Siloes created by point solutions are the challenge. How are organizations across Asia Pacific overcoming this to present a united front to customers across all touch points, while enabling internal teams to truly work together?

There is a path forward: unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM). In this exclusive virtual event, our guest speakers from Forrester Research and Maruti Suzuki will explore how companies are breaking down internal barriers to provide better, more consistent experiences. 

Join us to discover how brands across Asia Pacific are:

  • Identifying the challenges and implications of point solutions chaos

  • Creating a seamless cross-channel experience where delivery platforms and functional lines are invisible

  • Realizing measurable business value from tool consolidation


Amit Bhatia

Senior Analyst

Forrester Research

Noritaka Wakuda

Digital Transformation Advisor

Maruti Suzuki

Margi Lynn



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