Don’t you think it’s time you extended customer support to the second largest search engine in the world — YouTube?

With Modern Care Lite, you can address customer queries on multiple YouTube channels from one platform, and convert comments into tickets directly — with ZERO effort.

Feature - Care - Youtube customer service - hero
Feature - Care - Youtube customer service - hero
Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
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Unified, noise-free, timely YouTube customer support

Consolidate all your YouTube channels and prioritize your incoming messages to offer top-notch customer service.

Unify all your YouTube channels for faster support

Address comments faster by centralizing all your YouTube channels onto one dashboard, thereby freeing agents from switching between tabs.

Filter out the noise to improve engagement

Leverage Sprinklr’s advanced AI to filter high-priority engageable messages from the noise and convert them into tickets automatically — without agent intervention.

Never lose track of customer feedback

Respond to a viewer’s comment and replies, all on the same ticket, and pass on the insights gained from the interaction to your product team for further action.

Unmatched CSAT & engagement rates on YouTube — only with Modern Care Lite

Be available 24/7 but control your ticket queues to keep both your audience and agents happy.

Set up your YouTube customer service effortlessly and engage your viewers with quick replies

Set up your YouTube customer service effortlessly and engage your viewers with quick replies

Start responding to YouTube comments and replies within 10-15 seconds of channel integration.

Take control of ticket creation and prioritization to declutter your queues

Take control of ticket creation and prioritization to declutter your queues

Set ticket-creation rules that filter YouTube comments using preconfigured keywords and take charge of your agents’ workload.

Leverage productivity boosters to turbocharge your YouTube customer support

Leverage productivity boosters to turbocharge your YouTube customer support

Leverage our advanced, proprietary AI engine to identify the underlying sentiment in a comment for quick redressal of grievances.

Connect Modern Care Lite with solutions you already use

Get a 360-degree view of your customers by integrating Sprinklr with popular sales, marketing, and automation tools.

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Sprinklr powers some of the world’s most customer-obsessed companies

Honda leveraged Sprinklr to deliver unified customer care in a new era of online car sales

“Our goal is to connect authentically with this new generation of car buyers. Having a single workflow across channels — from phone to social media to live chat, chatbot, and voice — enables a true omnichannel contact center.”

Yoshiaki Inoue
Chief of Honda ON

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Prada sells, serves, and retains customers with Sprinklr-led digital innovation

“We believe the future of our luxury brands will be defined by the experiences we create for our customers. Sprinklr unifies our multiple brands across in-person and digital channels to serve customers when and where they prefer.”

Lorenzo Bertelli
Marketing Director
Prada Group

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AkzoNobel UK reduces response times by 80% using Sprinklr’s intuitive care platform

“The quality of our replies has improved. Our agents have more time to find answers and share knowledge via Sprinklr. With shared information, conveniently stored in one platform, the agents can respond more quickly.”

Lisa Boyles
Social Media Manager
AkzoNobel UK

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Boost your YouTube engagement with Sprinklr’s advanced AI-led features

Filtered public reviews

Sort YouTube comments using keywords to identify engageable messages and thus, improve resolution rate significantly.

Ticket threading interval

Attach all the comments from a particular user made during a certain timeframe into one ticket to give full context to the handling agent.

Omnichannel console

Engage with your YouTube viewers on other social channels with full context, and navigate to other apps from the same console.

Automatic ticket creation

Automate ticket creation so every time a comment is made on a YouTube video, it’s automatically added to the Agent Console as a ticket.

Ticket views

Get a dashboard view of all the comments on your brand’s YouTube channels and understand their sentiment and severity from a single place.

Skill-based ticket routing

Route tickets to agents with the right expertise and experience for quick resolution and to improve customer satisfaction.

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