Visual Insights

Turn billions of visuals shared across more than 30 channels into actionable insights

A picture is worth a thousand words – and can contain countless insights for making customers happier and growing your brand. With Sprinklr Insights, your organisation can capture AI-powered insights from the billions of visual data points shared every day without ever missing an opportunity to drive growth, protect your brand and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

3.2 billion

pieces of visual content are posted to social media every day.

The Conversation

Feature - Visual Insights - Turn billions of visuals shared across 30+ channels into actionable insights.
Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
Know how your customers feel about 4500+ visual subjects.

Sprinklr AI extracts data from billions of digital photos, profile images and embedded text to reveal key insights – including user location – so your teams can create more personalised, strategic content, products and ads based on popular trends and shared sentiments.

Identify relevant content to boost valid mentions three times over.

AI-powered Visual Insights from Sprinklr Insights capture relevant mentions in digital visuals, identifying high-performing user-generated content (UGC) and other channel content so your teams can report, measure and even repost more content than ever – and not just text-based content – across more than 30 digital channels.

Protect your brand with 360-degree visibility.

Sprinklr’s logo detection and optical character recognition (which identifies handwritten or typed text inside images) flags visual content that poses a risk to your brand – like fake products, spam offers, profanity and off-brand memes – and automatically routes it for quick resolution.

How can a unified Visual Insights platform uncover 30% more content that is relevant to your brand?

The growth of digital images across the top social media platforms over the last five years has been exponential. Unfortunately, brands are falling behind in extracting insights from these data points at scale. How can your organisation tap into the vast universe of potential insights hiding in photography, profile images and more – and turn visual data into a stronger brand, better products and happier customers?

An AI-powered unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for visual insights can help brands detect more than text-based cues. How? By analysing and extracting insights from brand logos, scenes, activities, people and embedded text. When your teams can uncover brand-relevant content shared across modern digital channels, they can easily report, measure and even repost it – while getting an accurate overview of your brand’s digital presence and actionable insights from customer sentiments.

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Unlock more value from channel content with Sprinklr’s Visual Insights.

Connect with the Sprinklr Insights experts to discuss your goals and explore how you can capture new opportunities and build smarter strategies from visual content across more than 30 digital channels at scale.

Grow your business with AI-powered insights.

Analyse real-time insights from billions of digital images to help your teams enhance brand awareness, build competitive content strategies and mitigate risk.

Automate workflows and create rules to gain insights faster.

Identify the most relevant visual content using automatic logo, image text, object, gender and sentiment detection.

Reduce brand risk in real time.

Take down unauthorised or harmful content and cut back on the costs associated with manual image tagging with Sprinklr’s Smart Alerts for visual content.

Capture actionable, visual insights with more than 500 customer-specific AI models.

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Capitalise on more user sentiments and conversations than ever with the industry's largest network of visual and text data sources across more than 30 digital and social channels.

Act fast in a crisis with 10 billion data-driven predictions every day.

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Stop unauthorised brand usage in its tracks with Sprinklr’s AI-powered visual detection, which flags negative images of products and services related to your brand – including discounts, deals or promotions.

Be competitive with daily strategic insights from 50 million accounts.

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Discover the top trending images and videos related to your brand or competitors, get in contact with users to gain permissions, then reshare them – all from one centralised platform.

McDonald's Logo

How McDonald’s keep their customers lovin' it.

Driving growth with data

With Sprinklr Insights, McDonald’s collects customer data across more than 30 digital channels – and leverages it to drive creativity, growth, efficiency and competitive advantages.

Building better experiences

Sprinklr helps McDonald’s put customers at the centre of its business decisions by listening to them in real time across social, digital and messaging channels.

Protecting the brand

McDonald’s uses Smart Alerts across its business units to keep everyone up to date on potential brand headlines and important customer feedback.

Three steps to transform your customer experience with AI-driven insights.

Your customers expect a personalised experience in real time on their preferred digital channels. Find out how to combine listening and AI to turn vast amounts of unstructured customer data into powerful, actionable insights.

Sprinklr named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

Sprinklr is recognised as a Leader in Social Suites by Forrester Research, for the ability to deliver 'across all social media needs at equal depth – listening, customer service, organic publishing and advertising – plus some secondary social products, like influencer management and employee advocacy'.

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‘Sprinklr good for large companies’

 ‘At our company, we manage multiple channels across several US states, and each channel has a unique audience and voice. Sprinklr makes social media management and tracking metrics easy.'

– Review on G2

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