Review management software

Earn loyalty and sales
from the 87% of online consumers
who read reviews.

Customers constantly read about, rate and review businesses and products online – giving them the power to build or break your brand’s reputation. With Sprinklr’s Ratings and Reviews management software, your teams can take charge by knowing when and where to deliver support, education and care to customers with questions or feedback – enforcing the positivity and loyalty that increases revenue and reduces costs.

Only 48%

of consumers consider using a business with fewer than four stars.

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Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
Reduce negative sentiment by 73% to drive more revenue.

Know when customers write reviews with negative sentiment – and turn them into net positive interactions with Sprinklr’s Ratings and Reviews management software, which helps you reply to customer feedback fast, capitalise on conversations about your brand or products, increase website traffic and drive more customer conversions from ratings and reviews.

Protect your brand with 360-degree monitoring.

Monitor your brand’s digital presence, manage its reputation and handle incidents in real time across modern digital channels with Sprinklr, which automatically identifies when negative feedback is posted and spotlights harmful issues that emerge with the most advanced AI engine built for the enterprise.

Eliminate costs associated with getting bad reviews.

Negative feedback can lead to unnecessary costs, but Sprinklr review management software eliminates the costly consequences by helping teams address bad ratings and reviews more cost-effectively with consolidated workflows, simplified governance and automatic content analysis and tracking.

72% of customers expect replies to their negative reviews. How can review management software help your brand respond at scale?

Customers make purchase decisions based on reviews – which means that if brands can’t transform negative feedback into net positive experiences, they put new conversions and customer retention at risk. How can modern brands manage, monitor and respond to ratings and reviews at scale to meet the expectations of today’s customers?

It's simple. With a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) approach to review management, brands can identify and sort negative ratings and reviews by leveraging the most advanced AI built for the enterprise to automatically determine customer sentiments across more than 30 digital channels. The result? Brands know when to respond, and what to respond to, at scale – which leads to reduced costs and customer churn, a stronger brand reputation and more revenue from conversions.


Boost revenue and customer happiness with Sprinklr’s Ratings and Reviews

Connect with our experts to discuss your review management goals and use cases for turning negative customer feedback into positive, revenue-driving opportunities.

Capture reviews from loyal customers to build up your brand and products.

Enhance your customer experience by sharing valuable review content and increasing your review response rates.

Analyse product performance to influence innovation and improve customer satisfaction.

Manage and respond to negative reviews within seconds.

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Capture and filter reviews instantly by star rating, sentiment, keywords, product name, department and other customisable fields with Sprinklr’s Rule Engine.

Identify and showcase happy customers to drive conversions.

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Show off your loyal, satisfied customers with a user-friendly, customisable Sprinklr Gallery featuring candid customer quotes and official reviews – and place it prominently wherever your customers are.

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