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Food and beverage industry benchmarking report for digital Unified-CXM

Explore an in-depth analysis of how industry leaders are embracing transformational CX at scale – and key insights on advancing your own Unified-CXM strategy.

The food and beverage industry is crowded and highly competitive, with new players entering the market with innovative products driven by consumer insights and trends. But are brands doing a good enough job of listening – on all the channels their customers use? And are they using what they learn to create better experiences?

Sprinklr’s first benchmarking report brings together unprecedented first- and third-party data to create a comprehensive view of:

  • The CX performance of industry leaders across the full breadth of today’s brand–customer digital relationships 

  • How effectively companies are leveraging listening, responding and publishing on modern channels to grow both share of voice and market share

  • How leading food and beverage companies are improving their unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) performance over time

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