Call Recordings


Brands have the option of recording video calls between agents and customers. These recordings can be reviewed later for compliance and training agents.

Brands can choose from one of the two recording modes

  • Single Participant recording (Default): See active speaker’s video only (either agent or customer) 

  • Both Participant recording: See both customer and agent video at all times


You need an S3 bucket associated with your AWS account which will be used for chime side recording storage. We would also need AWS account number to process video call recordings

If you choose to record video calls, please note a few clarifications:

  1. Video call recordings are stored on your AWS chime account S3 bucket

  2. Video call recordings are stored on Sprinklr AWS S3 which allows you to view the same in the Sprinklr platform

    • There is no cost associated with storage of video call recordings

    • Purging/deleting of video call recording after x days is something Sprinklr does support

    • We do support “view recording” permission which ensures only agents with permission will be able to view the video call recording

Configuration Steps

To enable this, go to “application configuration” in the live chat application builder and scroll down to “Video and Audio Call” section. You can choose what options are relevant for your use case i.e. no recording at all, recording with audio and recording with both audio and video.

If you want to enable "Both participant recording", please reach out to support team after completing the configuration steps mentioned above