1. Disclaimer Card

You can now add a disclaimer card to show at the bottom of the Live Chat conversation and make the disclaimer card dismissible, i.e. the card will have the cross icon and the users can remove it if they wish to or can make it sticky.
To do this, within the Conversation Screen check the box “Do you want to show a Disclaimer Card in conversation” and enter the text to be appeared on the Disclaimer Card. 

Please note that this disclaimer card will not be visible in the old conversations.

2. Persistent Menu

You now have the ability to provide a persistent menu in LiveChat that will be visible to users throughout their livechat conversation. Using the persistent menu, users can trigger the bot flow from scratch at any point in time.

For example in the above picture, a persistent menu in the live chat widget helps customers easily discover and access customer service options like “Restart Bot”. Clicking on any of these options, sends a message to the configured bot which then initiates the desired flow.. To implement this, please go to the application configuration tab in the live chat builder and select the persistent menu option. 

3. Message Placeholder Text​

In the conversation screen we have Message placeholder text

4. Character Limit

In the conversation screen section, under reply action

5. Send Icon

Raise a support ticket with the required appID and the image in SVG format

6. Attachement Types

Restrict the allowed attachment types for users to send.