Add an Asset


The Asset Manager provides a centralized repository for all media assets, documents, templates, and more. From within the Asset Manager, you can easily add assets to your environment's Asset Manager, where those assets can be permissioned, categorized, and more. This article will help you with the steps to add assets in the asset manager.

Steps To Add An Asset

  1. Click the New tab icon Space Add New Tab Icon and select Assets under Sprinklr Social.

  2. On the Digital Asset Management window, click Create Asset in the top right corner and select the Asset Type you wish to upload.

    While selecting media from the Add from DAM tab, you can search through the asset boards as well as the folders in the Media Uploader window.

  3. Upload the asset from your computer by clicking the Upload icon and selecting a file from your device (alternatively drag and drop from your desktop), or select Add from URL and enter the asset's source URL. Review asset types and supported file types here.

  4. On the Media Uploader window, click Save In the bottom right corner to upload the asset.

  5. Enter the details of the asset in the Create New Asset window and click Save in the bottom right corner. For more details, see Create New Asset — Field Descriptions.

Create New Asset — Field Descriptions




Enter a name for your template.


Provide a description of the template.


You may check the box alongside 'Delete all posts associated with this Asset upon the expiry of Asset'. This helps you prevent losses and litigations due to the unintended violation of intellectual property rights and copyright infringement while using copyrighted assets beyond the expiry date.


Select a campaign to the associated asset.

Note: It is not mandatory to associate a Campaign with an asset. However, you can make it mandatory as per your requirements.

To mark the Campaign field as mandatory, please work with your Success Manager. samMandatoryCampaigns Client DP needs to enable to make campaign mandatory.


Select a sub-campaign to associate with the asset.


Set status of the asset from Draft, Approved or Expired.

Available From

Set a date from which the asset will be available.

Visible from

Set a date from which the asset will be visible to other users.

Visible Until

Set a date until which the asset will be visible to other users.

Expires on

Set a date on which the asset will expire.

Schedule time

Schedule your asset by selecting the desired date and time.


Mark your asset as restricted or non-restricted.

Customer Journey Stage

Select a customer journey stage. They typically include Awareness, Loyalty, Conversion, Considerations, etc.

Parent Asset

Associate your media asset to a parent asset.


Provide additional information for the asset.

Asset Sharing

Share assets with workspaces/User groups.

Visible in all workspaces

Select the checkbox Visible in all workspaces to make your asset visible globally.

User/User groups

Select Users / User Groups you want to share your asset with.


Set desired system and custom fields to your asset. View other details such as WorkflowStatus, Milestone, Review Cycles, etc.

Asset Types and Supported File Types


Supported File Types

Additional Notes

Publish From


jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, svg and png

  • Able to add images from a computer or URL.

  • Able to add more than one image at a time.

  • Asset Manager

  • Quick Publisher

  • Expanded Publisher



  • Asset Manager


mp4, m4v, flv, avi, wmv, mkv, ogg, webm, mov, and ts

  • Able to add more than one video at a time.

  • Able to choose a thumbnail for video within the Asset Manager and Publishers; this image can be selected from the video, the Asset Manager, computer, a URL, or User Generated Content.

  • .mov files are not supported in the browser to play. You need to download and play these files on your computer.

  • Only the following formats are playable in the UI: mp4, ogg, ogv, webm, mov, m4v

  • Asset Manager

  • Quick Publisher

  • Expanded Publisher


Post created within Sprinklr

Able to choose accounts, channels, and a scheduled date when creating a post from the Asset in the Asset Manager.

  • Asset Manager

  • Quick Publisher


http and https

The link will render and have a preview thumbnail.

  • Asset Manager


docx, doc, odt, rtf, txt, pdf, xls, xlsx, ods, psd, ppt, prproj, eps, indd, rar, pps, pptx, ppsx, pot, potx, odp, key, ttf, otf, eot, sketch, woff and ai.


  • Quick Publisher

  • Expanded Publisher


Simple text, rich text, or plain text

  • Plain text may be used as a template for different channels.

  • Plain text can be imported as a template created in a post and published.

  • Rich text can be formatted.

  • Quick Publisher


amr and mp3


  • Quick Publisher

  • Expanded Publisher

Chat Template

Supported for: Facebook, Twitter, Viber

Integrate buttons, images, and predetermined paths to provide more in-depth conversations with customers.

  • Asset Manager

Omni Chat Template

Supported for Google RBM

  • Asset Manager

Twitter Card

Supported for Twitter

Incorporate rich photos, videos, and additional media to Tweets in order to drive engagement.

  • Asset Manager

Dynamic Image Template



Twitter Feedback Card

Supported for Twitter

  • Create feedback prompts

  • Only available for Enterprise customers.

  • Asset Manager


Supported for Facebook

Canvases are Facebook Ads Creatives that allow you to create and publish immersive ad experiences to Facebook. Through a combination of videos, still images, and calls to action, your audience can view a showcase of your stories and products.

  • Asset Manager