Change the Thumbnail Image of a Link


Sprinklr allows you to change the thumbnail image of the URL before you publish the link to LinkedIn or Facebook. This article will guide you on how you can change the thumbnail of the link to best describe your URL content visually, within the Quick Publisher.


  1. After you have added links to  the Linkedin or Facebook Page posts, the Link preview will get generated in the Quick Publisher.

    Note :

    • If the link preview is not generated, please re-add the link to the message box.

    • If you want to edit/change the link, please remove the generated link preview and add the correct/edited link in the message box to create a new link preview.

  2. To change the Link preview hover over the link thumbnail and click Change Image. You can change thumbnails using different options from the Media uploader window.

    Media Uploader Options for Thumbnails




    The images you've favorited will be available here. For more information, see Add Asset to Favorites.

    Add from SAM

    Choose the DAM image as a thumbnail image.

    Upload Image

    Select an image from your device (alternatively, drag and drop from your device).

    Add from URL

    Enter the image source URL.

    Add from UGC

    Choose the UGC image as a thumbnail image.

    Dynamic Image 

    Create an image by using Dynamic Image Templates or Quick Image Creator.

    Media Valet

    Choose the Media Valet image as a thumbnail image.

    Note : You can only upload static images as the Custom thumbnail for publishing URLs on Facebook. However, you can select a GIF file from DAM as the custom thumbnail for the URL being published on the Facebook Page. But when the post is published natively, only the first frame of the GIF will be uploaded as the custom thumbnail of the URL.

  3. Click Save in the bottom right corner of the Media Uploader pop-up window.

  4. You can also add a CTA button to Links published on Facebook pages.


  1. While publishing a link to LinkedIn, you can select from the pre-populated thumbnail images within the publisher, or you may use an image from the Digital Asset Management, upload an image from your device, or use an image URL to create a custom thumbnail image for links.

  2. While publishing a link to Facebook, you can choose the desired thumbnail for all the domains that are verified natively on Facebook. For more information, see Facebook Domain Verification. Once the domain is verified, you will have the option to change the thumbnails of a URL, similar to LinkedIn.