Facebook Domain Verification


Domain Verification allows domain owners to edit link previews coming from their owned sites. Brands can verify that they own certain domains through Facebook's Business Manager. Verification functionality is available to all businesses and establishes access at domain level, including all sub-links. This article will help you with the steps to set up your domain verification natively from your facebook page.


  1. To protect the integrity of content on its platform, Facebook recently added a requirement that any edited links in Facebook messages first be verified before they can be published. This means that before you can share any customized links, you'll need to verify the domain through Facebook. Check out the official Meta documentation on Domain Verification.

  2. To verify a Facebook domain, you must be an administrator of the Facebook page with access to the Facebook Business Manager. You must also have access to your domain DNS record.

  3. Once you've claimed your domain and verified ownership, you can assign pages or other businesses access to the domain in Facebook.

How to verify domains?

  1. In Facebook's Business Manager, navigate to Domains in the left-side menu.

  2. Select Add New Domains to begin the process to verify an owned domain.

  3. Enter the domain you wish to verify.

  4. Log into your domain registrar and add the TXT record to your DNS configuration.

  5. Once the changes have been finalized in your DNS configuration, in Facebook's Business Manager, select Verify.

  6. Upon successful verification, you'll see a confirmation notice within Facebook's Business Manager.

Provide domain access to other businesses

  1. Click Assign Partner to provide access to your domain to another business.

  2. Copy the link in the partner connect window and provide it to another business. The link can be used once, and when used by another business, the user will have link editing access to the domain through their Page's Facebook Business Manager.

  3. Click Assign Pages to provide access to verify the domain for other owned Facebook Pages.


1. What if I have already verified my domains using Facebook Business Manager’s Domain Verification?

You're all set. No additional action is needed to be able to edit links.

2. What if I want to edit a link post from a domain that I do not own?

This capability is no longer supported by Facebook. You are only able to edit previews of links that you own or links that you have been given access to by the domain owner through the Assign Partner functionality.