What is Workflow Management?


Workflow management refers to the systematic organization, control, and execution of processes, particularly within a company or organization. It involves defining and documenting the steps involved in the process, assigning tasks to specific individuals or teams, and ensuring that the process is completed efficiently and effectively.

Workflow management systems are used to streamline business processes, improve process efficiency, standardize processes, automate task generation, increase productivity, reduce errors and delays, and improve overall operations. This is achieved through the use of workflow software that allows organizations to automate and manage their processes.

The most common features of workflow management systems include the ability to:

  • Document processes

  • Assign tasks to specific individuals or teams

  • Set deadlines for the assigned tasks

  • Track the progress of tasks and processes

  • Report on the performance of processes or operations

  • Flexibility to make changes to processes as needed

About the Workflow Engine

Sprinklr provides a world-class workflow management feature for all its Sprinklr Marketing users as a part of its offering. Some of the key aspects of Sprinklr’s Workflow Management features include -

  • Easy to use User Interface.

  • Intuitive workflow-building process

  • Strong Automation capabilities

  • Tasks can be assigned to users as well as the Sprinklr system.

  • Milestones can also be defined to delineate various phases of the process.

  • Create and structure complex non-linear workflows.

  • Kick off workflows automatically based on pre-set conditions.

  • Multiple visualization tools such as the Editorial Calendar and Dashboards are tied to the workflow engine to review and take actions on tasks as needed.

  • Seamless collaboration is possible as an inbuilt collaboration tool is available to Improve communication and collaboration among team members.

  • Flexibility to update, modify and redefine the workflow when required.

  • Gamification can also be included as a part of workflows if needed.

Workflow Use Cases

  • Content Creation: Develop content / creatives generation process for marketing publishing.

  • Asset / Creatives Approvals: Set up a creative production approval process to reduce the likelihood of producing off-brand content.

  • Content Approvals: Set up approval process for the generated content to improve governance and brand compliance for all of brand publishing.

  • Campaign Production: Automate campaign creation process for marketing campaigns.

  • Campaign Approvals: Establish approval processes for the campaign tasks to ensure that the campaign properties are on track.

  • PR & Legal Approvals: Place approval processes for campaigns, creatives, content etc with PR or Legal Teams.

  • Campaign Requests from various teams: Process for internal teams to request campaign creation asks from the marketing teams for their products or services.

  • Content / Asset / Creatives Requests form various teams: Process for internal teams to request campaign creation asks from the content creation or generation teams for their products or services.