Make customers happier by solving their problems faster with first contact resolution.

Eliminate escalations and make customers happier by resolving their issues the first time they reach out — not just the first time they call — with Sprinklr Service. Automation software, automatic call distribution (ACD), and self-service solutions from Sprinklr give your teams the tools they need to reply and deliver first contact resolution (FCR) rapidly via SMS, chat, voice, social media, traditional, and digital channels.


of customers expect their issues to be resolved within a single interaction.


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Improve FCR by 90%.

Sprinklr’s contact center software leverages AI, automation and agent assist tools to identify issues, route cases to the agents best-suited to resolve the problem, and provide each team member with a full 360-degree view of every customer’s details — so you can solve customer issues faster.

Serve customers 50% faster.

Unify your contact center to serve customers quickly with AI-powered Sprinklr features like automatic call distribution (ACD), conversational interactive voice response (IVR), voice bots, contact center analytics, automated quality, smart routing, and workforce management — all from a single platform that eliminates silos and streamlines workflow.

Boost your profit margin up to 41%.

Eliminate escalations, reduce the burden on agents, and lower costs by delivering proactive care to more customers with Sprinklr Service’s automated workflows, Smart Responses, and self-service solutions like Knowledge Base articles, community forums, chatbots, and Smart Routing.

How can improving first call resolution increase CSAT and lower costs in your contact center?

CSAT drops 45% when customers don’t receive the resolutions they’re seeking at the first point of contact, according to Forbes. How can your contact center deliver the resolutions your customers expect the first time they reach out — and increase your CSAT and support performance in the process?

The answer is Sprinklr Service, built on the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform. It analyzes conversation sentiment in real time, surfaces relevant Knowledge Base articles and cases with similar resolutions, automatically routes cases, highlights previous satisfaction scores, and provides Smart Responses so agents can quickly and easily help customers faster on the first try. Sprinklr Service also improves FCR by ensuring your customers can help themselves before contacting your support team with self-service software — leading to faster resolutions, happier customers, and agents who are free to focus on what matters the most.

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Improve FCR up to 72% with Sprinklr Service.

Connect with our experts to discuss your goals and use cases to speed up resolutions by solving more customer issues at first contact with Sprinklr.

Retain more customers with proactive care.

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Help agents deliver fast, personalized experiences by giving them full context for every customer interaction — with data from multiple internal systems and conversations across 30+ digital and social channels.

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Personalize interactions at scale with AI.

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Sprinklr AI maximizes each agent’s ability to handle fluctuating caseloads by helping customers get the right support at the right time — leading to faster resolution and reduced time-per-interaction.

Boost brand loyalty with faster resolutions.

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Sprinklr’s automation proactively engages with customers to address problems at the right time — before issues turn into visible evidence of a bad customer experience, and your company becomes famous for the wrong reasons.

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AkzoNobel UK社では統合コンタクトセンターソリューションを活用し、応答時間を80%短縮しました。


AkzoNobel UK社では、6つのソーシャルチャネルで6つのブランドと19の異なるアカウントのソーシャルカスタマーケアを単一のコンタクトセンターソリューションで提供できるようになりました。


AkzoNobel UK社では、カスタマージャーニーのあらゆる段階で顧客をサポートすることにより、インタラクションやポジティブセンチメント、さらにはアーンドリーチが大幅に増加しました。




  • AIを活用したリスニングを顧客の好きなデジタルチャネル上で行うことで、どのようにカスタマーケアの先手を打てるのかをお確かめください。

  • AIを活用したチャットボットでIVRデフレクション(最適なチャネルへの自動転送)を強化し、問い合わせ対応量とオペレーターコストを抑える方法をご覧ください。

  • AIを利用して問い合わせの意図を自動検知することでオペレーターの応答時間を短縮する方法や、取得したインサイトに基づいて有用なデータを活用し、優れた対応を実現する方法をご確認ください。

The Essential Guide to AI for Customer Service eBook on tablet display


G2社のカスタマーサービスプロダクト トップ50





デモンストレーションはお客様の組織に特有のユースケースとニーズに合わせてカスタマイズ可能です。今すぐお問い合わせください。SprinklrSprinklr サービスがあらゆるチャネルのあらゆるタッチポイントで、優れたカスタマーエクスペリエンスを実現する方法をご覧ください。




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